“I sunburn indoors at night”

Ok, that might be a bit of hyperbole courtesy of Glee, but as a ginger, I do sunburn quite easily.

This is not something I am unaware of. I have had my fair share of lobster moments, but after one or two of those, you become a crusader against skin cancer and the poster child for Coppertone. You always have a bottle of sunblock in your bag and encourage (read: scold) your friends to apply it liberally, lest they someday find an irregularly shaped mole.

But somehow, I still manage to get fairly awkward sunburns on a fairly regular basis. Usually before important life events where many photos will be taken, i.e…

An awkward sternum burn during a family vacation in San Diego for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary

Another awkward sternum burn I got just before the LT closing ceremonies last summer

Lastly, this beaut from the Cardinals game on Sunday, just in time for graduation!

Seriously, HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN? How does one get a sunburn in that shape? I should be able to put on sunscreen evenly after 22 years of gingerhood. Apparently not.

Stupid aerosol spray sunscreen…


3 thoughts on ““I sunburn indoors at night”

  1. A couple weeks ago, I got a terrible sunburn – the kind that makes people come up to you and say, “What HAPPENED to you?!” – from eating lunch outside. EATING LUNCH OUTSIDE!

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