Colorado LT

So what exactly is LT?

You can read about my previous experiences with Colorado LT here

LT stands for Leadership Training.

Each summer, more than 100 college students from campuses across the U.S. work 40-hours-a-week at the YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center in departments such as Day Camp, housekeeping, food service, buildings & grounds, family programming, and more. In addition to working, these students participate in a variety of activities that help the deepen their relationships with Christ and train them to be leaders in the church.

The basics of the program include:

  • LT Services
    Essentially standard church services with worship and a sermon, on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
  • Workshops
    More focused discussions and classes on a specific topic on Sunday nights.
  • Project Groups
    Groups of 15-20 LT participants and friends who come together once a week to hang out, do service projects, share the gospel, share with one another, tell testimonies, discuss what we’re learning, meet in Life Groups (single-sex groups of 3-6 who talk about life and serve as accountability groups) and much more.
I was able to attend Colorado LT in 2010 as a student, and I frequently mention the program in my posts!

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