Catch a wave

I have been trying for some time now to embrace my natural hair texture. It’s not quite straight, but not quite curly. I guess it’s wavy. But it’s also very unpredictable. Sometimes I let it air dry and I look like a wavy-hair ginger super model. Other times I rock what the girls in my high school youth group liked to call the Girl Scout Wave*.

But seriously, fighting the natural wave takes time and effort. It takes blow drying and straightening and waking up to shower in the morning, and I’m just not that dedicated to do that all the time. On top of that, because my natural hair texture isn’t straight, one hint of humidity will return it to its Girl Scout Wave state.

So I’ve decided to try my best to embrace the wave. Sometimes it looks good, just showering and letting it air dry. But I often find it gets frizzy or my waves aren’t defined enough. But then I try some sort of “curl enhancing” hair product and my hair looks crispy and heavy.

So I’m taking a stand. Last night I bought nine “curl enhancing” products. Yes, nine.

Now before you go all, “You spent (x amount of money) on all of that?!” I’ll let you know that I talked to the good people of Walgreen’s before I made my purchase, and they assured me I could return all the products after I tried them once or twice. So don’t freak.

So this week I shall test all nine products and find what works best for me. My mission: find a product that gives me the best-looking defined, natural, frizz-free waves without feeling crispy. I’ll let you know what I find out! Stay tuned…

Do you have a favorite wave-enhancing hair product? Any other wavy-haired tips?

*The Girl Scout Wave is that uneven, not cute, awkward wave that most elementary-school-aged girls wear for a while until they realize it’s “not cool.” I have discovered it’s still not cool in college.


6 thoughts on “Catch a wave

  1. so i also have the “not straight but not curly” hair. i use suave styling gel and a diffuser right out of the shower for my waves. the gel helps the waves to stay pretty well defined but not too frizzy in the texas humidity!

  2. Please post results. I have the same, exact wave that Grandmother has (no kidding, it is identical.) If you find something that actually works I’d love to see it!

  3. First of all, Linday, call Sheryl and ask her. Second, Lezlae, you could not have a wave. I remember trying everything when we were little to get your hair to be anthing but uber straight. (You wanted it curly like mine, which is no longer curly!!)

  4. Hey, I’m doing that too! Embracing my natural wave, that is. My hairdresser is a Deva salon, so I use their products. More expensive (I get them at Ulta) but the routine really works. I only use the Angell (gel) but I follow their instructions for almost everything else. I love their gel because it is not crunchy whatsoever. I looove it.

  5. PLEASE post your results. I’ve been fighting the Girl Scout Wave since junior high, and on super humid days, the only thing that will tame it is a slicked-back ponytail. Not the most attractive thing, especially for work. I’ve spent loads of money on product, but so far everything I’ve tried either flattens it to a Greasy Camp Slick (I’m sure you’re familiar with that look as well) or can’t hold up in the humidity and gives in to the wave.

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