Campus Ministry

I love college students. I’ve loved college students since I was a college student, technically. When I was a sophomore, it was apparent that I adored freshmen and wanted the best of them. I’m not longer a college student any more, but I hang out with them a lot. I work in higher education as an academic advisor and am a volunteer staff member with a campus focused church. I love meeting with college gals, helping them navigate through these formative years of their life. I know college is the time many people first start figuring out who they are and what they want. This is a make-or-break time for people to decide if they want to follow Jesus, and that is what drives me.

Campus ministry is at the core of my life, right next to my personal relationship with Jesus. I feel that He’s called me to reach out to these students and share with them what Christ has done in my life.

I’m super lucky to have married a man who feels the sam way I do! Greg’s full-time job is to meet with students and tell them about the Gospel! It’s really cool. I write about ministry a lot, and I hope you enjoy hearing what the Lord is doing at Texas State University. If you’d like to learn more, you can subscribe to our prayer letter. Or, if you feel led to give financially, you can give to our ministry online.


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