RIP Bike

Bike was a well-loved and respected member of Lindsay and Katie’s Two Woman Bike Gang.

Bike has passed away.

Sometime between Saturday, July 21 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, July 22 at 9:45 a.m., Bike’s wheels and seat were taken from him by force from the University Apartment’s bike rack. His frame was laid to rest outside the Willamette Bike Shop on Monday, July 23 at 9 a.m.

Warning: this post contains graphic images from a bike attack.

Bike was a faithful and loving bike. He was gentle and patient with his temporary owner, Lindsay, as she relearned to ride this summer and gained confidence in her new hobby. After nearly three weeks of trying to find the right bike at the start of the summer, in the end, Lindsay and Bike had barely more than four weeks together. But it was a beautiful month of many adventures. Bike and Lindsay often went on outings together with Lindsay’s friend Katie and her bike. They traveled across central Salem to various coffee shops, bible studies, Redbox deliveries, and breakfast dates. Bike and Lindsay even took a trip to Safeway and back, together managing the load of a week’s worth of groceries. Lindsay and Bike had made plans to go to church together for the first time this past weekend before Bike was brutally attacked and stripped of his vital organs.

Lindsay and Bike had planned to be separated in two weeks, but they had made many plans to make the most of the last days together. Lindsay and Bike’s last outing was a beautiful afternoon ride around the Willamette campus and to Salem’s McDonald’s for an afternoon treat. Bike impacted Lindsay’s summer in a way she will never forget. Without Bike, Lindsay would not have conquered her fear of all bikes. Lindsay plans to one day own a bike in honor of Bike.

Donations for Lindsay’s new bike fund will be accepted in lieu of flowers. Please feel free to comment and leave your favorite memories of Bike.


Willamette Wednesday: Actually it’s Tuesday

I’m mixing it up this week, y’all. Tomorrow I will be somewhere between Salem, Oregon, and Arlington, Texas, all day (Way to spend the 4th right? Woo traveling!), plus it’s the 4th of July, so I thought I would post my weekly update on Tuesday instead!

4 weeks down, 5 to go
Things in Oregon are still going well, but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention my mid-summer hump I’ve hit. As you might have read yesterday, I’m a wee bit homesick College-Station-sick(?). I miss my friends, I miss my roommates, I miss my bed with sheets that stay on the mattress (mine here fall off every night, though I don’t miss my bed bug infested mattress). I miss playing music with other people. I also miss the sunshine. And having a car. (Lucyyyy, I miss youuuuu.)

Don’t get my wrong; Oregon is wonderful. I wouldn’t exchange this experience for anything, and it’s taught me so much. Plus where else am I going to experience a Tandem Bike Rally. (I feel like that’s something that would happen in Stars Hollow…) I’m just gettin’ real with y’all and telling you I’m not this 100% fearless, independent woman. I miss Texas sometimes, too. That being said, it will be nice to visit Arlington for a few days later this week for my cousin’s wedding! I won’t see any A&Mers, but I will get a healthy dose of my Frazier fam, which is always great.

Work has been more of the same, though I did go to an nearly-all-day assessment “workshop” on Thursday and got this rockin’ nametag which pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing job-wise all summer.

Too bad they misspelled Willamette… (As they say here, it’s Willamette, dammit!)

Free Time
This weekend was full of Oregonian activities including a Saturday winery tour and wine tasting at the Willamette Valley Vineyard and a Sunday afternoon at Salem’s local multicultural festival, World Beat. World Beat made me miss Italy and all the international friends we made there. It also made me wish I had made a bigger effort to get to know the international students when I worked at the Y and that I had time to work with Fellowship’s English Conversation Clubs back at A&M. Maybe God’s placing international students on my heart, and I should look for an internship in the International Student Services office. Who knows…

Wine tasting at Willamette Valley Vineyards

ALSO I’ve been taking advantage of my bike! And I haven’t died. I’ll be honest; I haven’t ridden in the streets much. I know it’s polite and all, but it technically isn’t illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalks in most of Salem, so I tend to stay out of the way of cars and take the sidewalk when I can. Plus I get off and walk it if there are a lot of pedestrians. I rode 10 blocks to breakfast on Friday morning and have ridden to two coffee shops, too! My next goal is to ride to the really cool coffee shop that’s further than I’ve been before… it’s like 15 blocks away. I have high aspirations y’all.

Jesus Talk
Spiritually, this summer has been interesting. While it’s been an incredible time of rest and rejuvenation, I’ve still been longing for spiritual more intimacy, and to some extent, growth and challenge. (Am I weird for not being content to just have a summer of spiritual rest? Maybe I’m weird… of maybe it’s holy discontentment…) Some of my quiet times have been dry and discouraging, and although I know the Lord is here with me, he doesn’t feel as close. I can’t hear him as clearly. Or maybe I’m just not listening well. It’s probably that. Well, regardless, I’ve started a reading plan through the YouVersion app on my phone in conjunction with #SheReadsTruth, which has already delivered some nuggets of awesomeness. I also caved and bought Jesus Calling after hearing so many good things about it, and it definitely delivered some blows of truth from day one! It’s been good for me to get into the Word a little bit and chew on some truths before I even get out of bed in the morning.

(Side notes:
1. It is scary how easy it is to buy books on my Kindle. I hardly even thought about buying
Jesus Calling before I had clicked “okay,” purchased it for $7.50, and had it wirelessly delivered to my device in a coffee shop. I mean, that’s not that much, but it’s just way too easy to spend money on that thing! I gotta be careful about that haha.

2. I just found out you can get a Jesus Calling app for $10. I have actually just been reading my Kindle edition on my phone’s Kindle app… but the actual Jesus Calling app looks like it has so cool features, so maybe it’s worth the extra $2.50.)

Anyway, I think that’s all that’s been up over the last week. Next week I will have been to Texas and back with news of my cousin’s wedding! Stay tuned for more adventures of Lindsay.

Willamette Wedesday: To the coast and back

It’s time for another Willamette Wednesday update!

Work is picking up, which means a spent a lot of last week writing learning outcomes. This week I’m starting to write some assessments and gearing up on some other projects, such as facilitating a focus group for the Willamette career center, advising one of the students on an Opening Days orientation program, and helping do another assessment for some student organizations. I’m feeling more and more like a part of the Willamette staff and appreciate my supervisor’s and coworker’s diligence in making sure I have a really great professional experience.

Free Time
More of the glorious, glorious same. I’m making excellent progress on Megan’s summer reading challenge, having earned 75 of my 200 points. I’ve written a good number of letters, and in the past week I’ve had 15 phone/Skype conversations with friends and family members. What a huge blessing to my heart! I’ve also played guitar (despite some writers block when I tried to write a song Monday night), and finished the entire first season of Felicity. Plus I went on a run on Monday, which was the first time in… God knows how long, that I actually made time to exercise. I’m feeling the burn but in a good, I’m-actually-trying-to-be-healthy way.

Skyping my friend John who is a missionary in Africa. It was late there, so I couldn’t really see his face — just the silhouette of his beard. We turned off the video after a few minutes since it was pretty pointless!

This past weekend, my intern friend Katie and I took a trip to the Oregon beach coast with one of the newly hired area coordinators (Willamette ResLife’s term for hall coordinators/directors). It was a really pleasant Saturday of fresh ocean air, some sea food, and lying out on the beach without sweating profusely. God bless the Oregon weather!

The Oregon coast in Lincoln City

Janae and Katie on the beach in Newport

I still don’t have a bike, but whatevs.

I was just thinking tonight how blessed I feel to have already made some good friends here in Salem. Two girls from my summer church have offered to drive me to church and community group. I just went and had a Bible study with another group of girls. I love having the other interns around. Tomorrow I’m going to have a sushi dinner with some more ladies from church. I am not lacking for companionship here!

Things continue to go swimmingly up here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve got a few tasky things that have started, such as reading for my online discussion class, reading for my small group summer book club, designing the program for my cousin’s wedding, etc., so it might be nice to have a weekend just chilling in Salem, but as of right now, who knows what I’ll be up to on Saturday! Each week has brought fun new adventures.

Stay tuned until next week! In the mean time, I’ve been super good about blogging over the past week; check out some other good posts!

I guess I’ll just go home and blog

The sign outside the bike shop… try FIVE MILLION YEARS.

Guys, yesterday I tried so, so hard to go on a bike ride. But it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe me riding a bike at all this summer isn’t meant to be…

You see, many months ago my summer internship supervisor told me that I could borrow a bike from the Willamette bike shop this summer to aid in my car-less transportation woes. Truth be told, I’m not really a bike person. I haven’t owned a bike since I was a young child, and even then I didn’t ride it much. I decided to challenge myself this summer and made a goal to conquer this whole bike-riding thing while I’m in Oregon. But the process has been such an ordeal already!

Here’s how it’s gone so far. First of all, you should know the bike shop is only open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5 p.m…

Last Tuesday I went to the shop for the first time only to be told that all the bikes they had out of storage for the summer would probably be too small for my 6-foot frame. You see, the only students at Willamette in the summer are the Japanese exchange students, and most of them aren’t 6 foot. Thankfully the bike shop student said he would go to the storage shed and get me a bigger bike to be picked up on Thursday.

Last Thursday I went back to the shop to find that the student hadn’t yet gone to the storage shed to find me a bike, so he told me to wait 5 minutes while I checked it. Of course that 5 minutes turned into 15, and when he returned, he didn’t bring a bike. Turns out he had the wrong keys or they had moved the extra bikes without telling him, so instead, he brought some wheels to fix up a bike at the shop that might work. I asked if I should come back the next week, but he assured me these wheels would be a quick fix, and I’d soon be on my way. Half an hour later after unexpected problem after unexpected problem arose, bike student tells me to come back on Tuesday.

Tuesday I go back to the shop, and lo and behold, there is a bike all ready for me! I wheeled the bike back to my house because I also was carrying some groceries and other belongings. Tuesday night I had scheduled three Skype dates, so i told myself I’d take the bike out on the inaugural ride the next day, Wednesday.

Wednesday I got home from work and immediately starting preparing for my first bike-jaunt out on the town. I packed my backpack with my bible, notebook, pens, a book, my hammock, a sweatshirt, and a sack dinner in preparation for an evening out of the apartment, enjoying the pleasant mid-June Oregon weather. I tried on my new helmet, adjusted the straps, and headed outside to the bike rack. I unlocked my bike, stashed the u-lock in my backpack’s laptop sleeve, and gently eased the bike out into the parking lot. I sat down, balanced myself out, and started to pedal… only to hear awful noises of what sounded like a flat rear tire. I stopped, turned around, and there it was: the back wheel’s tire and inner tube were both separating from the rim. Seriously?!

I wheeled the bike back to the rack and thought, “Well… I guess I’ll just go blog about this whole thing.”

And that’s where we are now.

Today I will go back to the bike shop and try to get this thing fixed. Again. And it probably won’t be ready until Tuesday, if by then. God, if this is you telling me this is not my summer to learn to ride a bike, I understand your concern. I don’t really want to get hit by a car and die on my way to a local coffee shop, but I want to try! Safely! I promise to wear a helmet. And you can keep trying to dissuade me, but gosh darn it, I’m going to keep trying!

Willamette Wednesday: Gearing up and settling in

I have officially been in Oregon for 10 days! Plus today is my 8th day of work. So far things are going pretty well.

Most of my time at work last week was spent getting to know Willamette, meeting other professionals, and setting up my office. One of the biggest adjustments for me has been getting used to the tiny size of Willamette! With less than 2000 undergrads, this small school never ceases to make my jaw drop when I try to compare it to A&M. Beyond that adjustment, I feel I’ve settled in, and I’m gearing up to work on my summer projects. For the most part, I will be assessing and writing assessments for Willamette’s Opening Days new student orientation. I was talking about this with my friends Jason and Dustin last night, and they didn’t seem to think it sounded that exciting, but I’m excited to get some assessment experience under my belt! Plus Mike & Sandi would be so proud of me using my assessment class skills, text book, and binder. Thanks for teaching me well, guys!

Free Time
By far the best thing about being here in Oregon is having free time for once in my life. Ok, not for once in my life, but it’s been pretty different from what I’m used to. I have my one online class for the internship experience, but the work for that doesn’t take up much time really,  so for the most part, after 4:30 Monday through Thursday, after 1 on Fridays (summer Fridays are the best!), and weekends are totally open for me to do whatever I want. Holy cow, it is beautiful. I’ve been taking advantage of this time to read for fun (and work on my book challenge!), write letters, schedule Skype and phone dates, blog (sort of?), watch TV (finished Star Trek: Voyager and have since moved onto Felicity), explore Salem and the surrounding area, play guitar, nap in mu hammock, and get some extended quiet times in. It’s such a blessing to be able to rest. This weekend I hope to visit “the coast” (they don’t call it the beach here because you can’t really do “beachy things” along the Pacific Northwest coast) with one of the other interns.

I came to Oregon not knowing anyone, but since moving here, I’ve actually already made a few friends! Fortunately for me there are two other grad interns here, Katie & Amy, so I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with them, exploring Oregon, watching Modern Family, eating s’mores, and checking out the local Salem cuisine. I’ve tried out a few churches and went to a church community group here, so I’m slowly finding a spiritual home for the summer. Hopefully more friends will come from that! Additionally my free time has given me the chance to have several Skype/phone dates to keep up with friends from home, so that’s really nice as well.

Overall I’m settling into my new summer routine nicely. I got a bike from the campus bike shop yesterday, so I’m hoping to conquer my fear of riding bikes in the street and get around town a little more in the coming weeks. I also want to start taking advantage of my access to Willamette’s rec center and get some exercise! It’s weird to me that it’s almost halfway through June, but I feel like my summer is just beginning. It’s also weird that I’ll be back in Texas for my cousin’s wedding in just 3 weeks. I “only” have 7.5 weeks left here in Oregon, but I know it’s going to fly by. Gotta make the most of it!

Until next week, much love from the Pacific Northwest.

Willamette Wednesday: Welcome!

(This post was originally published Monday on my SAAHE cohort’s summer internship blog. You can read it here.)
Greetings from cloudy, cool, Salem, Oregon! After a whirlwind May of finishing school, visiting Italy for two weeks, and being in Texas for a week, I am excited to finally be in one place for a solid nine weeks.

I flew out of Dallas early Saturday morning, which required me to wake up at 4 a.m. Central/ 2 a.m. Pacific. After stopping in Albuquerque and then switching planes in Oakland, Calif., I flew into Portland, and it was all I expected and more. So many hipsters. And there was a Columbia outdoor store in the airport. I hung out there for an hour or so before my shuttle to Salem arrived. I wish I could say I watched beautiful Oregonian scenery pass by on the hour-long drive, but honestly I just crashed and slept most of the way.

The bay at the Oakland, California, aiport.

Upon arriving in Salem, my head student leader for Willamette University’s Opening Days program, Molly, picked me up and took me to get food at Safeway. Groceries are way more expensive here, but there’s no sales tax… so there’s that. I spent Saturday night settling in to my apartment and unpacking and promptly got in bed at 9 p.m. After being in 5 time zones in the past week, my inner clock was frazzled, plus I was exhausted after a long day of travel.

Sunday brought me to try out a local church on my own for the first time, and my 20-minute walk to the church (summer of no car!) was made brisk due to the 53° degree weather. I was glad for my somewhat-ironic plaid flannel shirt to keep me warm on the walk, though some of the Salem natives seemed content in shorts and sandals.

After church I met up with the two ACUHO-I interns that are here this summer as well, and they walked me downtown and to the Willamette River. They’ve been here for two weeks or so, so they know a little more than me and were happy to show me around. Good news: there’s a ton of stuff within walking distance of my apartment. Also I should be getting a bike Monday or Tuesday. We’ll see how that goes. Although Willamette is technically an “urban campus,” this is no Chicago or New York. It reminds me much more of Columbia, where I went to school at Mizzou — a big-but-quaint downtown area full of local shops and restaurants. No sky scrapers, but just across the street from the Oregon Capitol there are five GIANT sequoia trees planted on the Willamette campus. I think I’d rather look up at those than buildings anyway.

One of the five Sequoia trees on the Willamette campus, known as the Star Trees.

The story behind the Star Trees.

The Oregon state capitol is across the street from campus.

I started my job in the Office of Student Activities today! I spent most of the day just filling out paperwork and setting up my computer and email, but I am excited to get further acquainted with the university, their staff, my office, and my job. I’ll be doing a few assessment projects and helping advise part of the Opening Days programming for the fall, but mostly I’ll be learning about the world of student affairs on a campus of 2500 rather than 50,000! I’m excited to learn.

#sagrad blog

You probably have no idea what #sagrad means. Well, just so we’re all on the same page, #sagrad is the official Twitter hashtag for those of us grad students who are studying student affairs, or college student personnel, higher education administration, or whatever else they’re calling these programs these days (sa standing for “student affairs”). We have our own little online community!

In any case, my cohort of 12 #sagrad classmates and I are keeping a blog this summer that will follow us at our various internships across the country world. We’ve got people going everywhere from California, to Alaska, to Georgia, to Colorado, to Qatar! I just posted my first post today. You can check it out here:

The Life of an SA Intern: Texas A&M’s Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) Class of 2013 Summer Internship Blog

I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting, or if I’ll be reiterating info here, but more than likely I will let you guys know when I post over there! So check out my first post! I’m just a little less than a month away from Oregon!

Willamette Wednesday: It’s Wil – LAM – ette

This post is part of a weekly (?… maybe just when I have relevant things to post?) series about Willamette University, the school where I will be doing my internship this summer.

So one reason I didn’t feel like my original interview with Willamette went stupendously well is because as soon as the interview started, I found out instantly that I had been pronouncing the school’s name wrong for weeks.

In my head, it was Wil – la- METTE. But then…

“Hi Lindsay, this is Lisa from Wil – LAM – ette. Is now still a good time to talk?”
“Yes, ma’am! ” OH CRAP. I do NOT know how to say this school’s name.
*some sort of question about why I applied to work at Willamette*
“Well, Willa… your institution just seemed like a really good fit for me, etc…”

I spent the entire interview replacing Willamette with “your institution” as to not lose points for mispronunciation. It was probably unnecessary and no one would have cared, but that’s what happened.

Reminds me of the first time I met my friend Barclay. I had only seen his name online, so in my head, his name was “BAR – clay.” (Obviously no one would name their kid BARclay, but that was just my thought process.) When I finally met the kid I found out his name was “BARK – lee,” “like Charles… you know, the basketball player?”

So now you know: I am working at Wil – LAM – mette, not Wil – la – METTE.

PS: If you’re still having trouble hearing it, you can listen to a computer say it here.

Willamette Wednesday: And I’m going to Oregon!

This post is a part of  my weekly (?… maybe just when I have relevant things to post?) series about Willamette University, the school where I will be doing my internship this summer.

Because I interviewed at so many schools, I didn’t really have a specific ranking of schools I wanted to go to, but I did have tiers. Fortunately, Willamette was in the top tier! I got their offer at 11 a.m. on the dot on Monday, the first time any school could make contact. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the call because although I felt the interview went well, I hadn’t thought it had gone that well. I heard from two other schools that day that fell below Willamette in my tier system, so I graciously declined those pretty much instantly so they could ask their #2 candidates. I had a few other schools I wanted to wait on during my 24-hour decision period, but by Monday night, I felt pretty strongly that I would be spending my summer in Salem.

BUT THEN I got an email the next morning from another school offering me a position that I had really liked at one point but had ruled out due to an early start date that would keep me from going to Italy. I emailed the school back and told them that, only to have them graciously offer to push back the start date to accommodate my trip.

By the time that was sorted out, I had an hour to make a decision before I was supposed to get back to Willamette. It was a little agonizing. I texted some friends asking for prayer and just for fun asked for input via Twitter and Facebook. Some of my favorite responses included a text that read, “Oregon, hands down. Put a bird on it!” and on Facebook, just a video of Alicia Keyes and Jay-Z performing “Empire State of Mind.”


Both schools offered different experiences that would fill holes in my resume. Both were in neat places. Honestly, they were pretty evenly ranked if School #2 didn’t have a slight advantage.

Except that School #2 was safer. It really was. It was something I was a little more familiar with in a slightly more familiar place. But I don’t want this summer to be about safety. I want it to be about going outside my comfort zone and trying new things in new places! Even though School #2 came with a meal plan, twice the pay, and ample time to explore one of America’s most famous cities, my gut was telling me to go to Oregon.

So I called Willamette and accepted. And I. am. pumped.

This summer is shaping up to be one of the best/most influential summers of my life, and that’s saying a lot after 2009’s Missourian adventures and 2010’s LT growth. I’m a little scared to go off out of the country for the first time (Italy) I’m a little scared to move to Oregon, of all places, knowing no one and working in a job that will challenge me. But it’s going to be good, dangit.

Remember that mountain God gave me last semester? I think it might be Mt. Hood, the tallest mountain in Oregon, just to the west of Portland and Salem.

Mount Hood, elevation 11,249 ft.

Adventure is out there in the Pacific Northwest!

Willamette Wednesday: I’m crazy!

This is the first post of a weekly (?… maybe just when I have relevant things to post?) series about Willamette University, the school where I will be doing my internship this summer.

Let me start off by saying that I realize I am a crazy person. I realize I probably put myself through unneeded stress. But that’s just who I am, okay?

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how I picked Willamette. Let’s go through this whole summer internship process through the numbers:

2: Internship programs I applied through (NODA & ACUHO-I)
8: NODA schools I was allowed to/did apply to
24: ACUHO-I schools I applied to (all you have to do is press the “apply” button, okay?!)
32: Total schools I applied to
16: Schools I applied to that offered me interviews
5: Schools I didn’t apply to that offered me interviews
1: Interview offers I turned down
19: First-round interviews I did (I AM CRAZY.)
1: Second-round interviews I did
3.5: Weeks during which these interviews took place
2: Days during which I received offers
7: Schools that offered me summer positions
1: Schools I ended up choosing!

Here is my updated internship map:

Yellow: Applied
Blue: Interviewed
Purple: Offered
Pink: Accepted

So there you have it. That’s how I got from 30+ schools to 1. You should see my Google spreadsheet. It is insane. Tune in next week for the conclusion of the story and how I picked Willamette!