#seminarywife in colorado

I started this post back in February, but I’m going to publish it now!

Greg is currently enrolled in Fuller Seminary’s Master of Arts in Global Leadership program, which is a fancy way to say he’s earning a seminary degree primarily online with a cohort of classmates from across the world. Literally. Like on multiple continents. He takes most of his classes online, but he has two in-person two-week stints where he travels, and in January he had his first stint in Colorado! So since we’re terribly sappy newlyweds who can’t be apart for more than five days, I went to visit during the middle weekend.

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet, list style.


  • Spent the morning in class with Greg, learning about his classmates and worshipping with them.
  • Spent the afternoon at the Garden of the Gods, enjoying God’s creation!
  • Ate dinner at the Golden Bee, where we ate authentic English food and they threw adorable bee stickers at us.
  • Finished the night off with some ice cream from Josh & John’s Naturally Homemade Ice Cream.

The entrance to the Garden of the Gods


  • Kicked off the day with delicious lunch at Caspian Cafe.
  • Toured Glen Eyrie, a castle built by the founder of Colorado Springs, which now serves at the headquarters for The Navigators, in the gently falling snow.
  • Took a tour of the Olympic Training Center.
  • Ate dinner at Bristol Brewing, a brewery housed in a renovated school with several other local businesses. The Beehive Honey Wheat was perfect.

Greg outside the Glen Eyrie castle


  • Visited the US Air Force Academy campus and took in a contemporary worship service at the gorgeous Cadet Chapel.
  • At some yummy Thai food at Thai Mint.
  • Introduced Greg’s classmates to American football and watching the Super Bowl together.

The US Air Force Academy chapel

Greg enjoying some Thai coffee

All in all, it was a busy, but still relaxing and funny mini-vacation! We’ll see if I visit during the second two-week session next summer (2016) in Pasadena!


Welcome to San Marvelous

Hello, oft-neglected blog. Once again, a busy life has kept me from processing through my keyboard the past month’s events. I think it can be summed up in this:

In the span of 11 days, I graduated with my master’s degree; went home to Arlington to celebrate my brother graduating from high school; drove back to College Station, packed up my apartment, and moved to San Marcos; met my new roommates in my new house; unpacked; was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding; said goodbye to Greg for the summer; and started a new job.

My parents and I at my master's hooding ceremony

My parents and I at my master’s hooding ceremony

My brother and cousin as little kids. This photo was part of their senior banquet display.

My brother and cousin as little kids. This photo was part of their senior banquet display.

Putting up some decorations in my new room

Putting up some decorations in my new room

One of the only photos of my from Jen & Kyle's wedding... hopefully more will surface soon!

One of the only photos of my from Jen & Kyle’s wedding… hopefully more will surface soon!

Greg & I at Jen & Kyle's rehearsal lunch. He left for Colorado shortly after. :(

Greg & I at Jen & Kyle’s rehearsal lunch. He left for Colorado shortly after. 😦

Arch in the UAC overlooking the San Marcos square, the building where I work at Texas State.

Arch in the UAC overlooking the San Marcos square, the building where I work at Texas State.


So far I am enjoying the new chapter of my life in San Marcos.

I’ve been on the job a week, and although it’s been a whirlwind of training and “Math 1316 is useless,” and “Just follow the core curriculum,” and prepping for 5000+ freshmen to come through our office this summer, I think I’m going to love it.

My house is adorable and my roommates are great.

Greg’s (my?) church has been so welcoming. I’ve already played with several babies, and been invited to watch movies, play games, and to an Arrested Development Season 4 marathon tonight! I also talked with our pastor about officially coming on as associate volunteer staff, and I’m excited to see that role unfold.

So far, life in San Marvelous has been pretty marvelous! I’m enjoying my three-day weekend and looking forward to finally unpacking/organizing the last few boxes, meeting new friends here, and learning how to live this new full-time job lifestyle sans homework!

I got a job!

So most of you who follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook know, but I’m employed! With like, a big girl job!

Texas State University is located in the beautiful, hilly San Marcos, Texas.

Starting in mid/late May I will begin my new job as an academic advisor at Texas State University’s PACE Center!

The PACE (Personalized Academic and Career Exploration) Center is the first-year advising center for all incoming freshmen at Texas State. The first few months on the job will be a whirlwind of training and new student orientation as Texas State welcomes thousands of new students to San Marcos. And I’ll be in charge of advising hundreds of them! Crazy. I’m super excited to combine my love of freshmen with my master’s degree education and my interest in academic and career development through this position.

Literally. (Meme courtesy of the guys in my homegroup last year. This was part of a Valentine's gift they gave all the girls.)

Literally. (Meme courtesy of the guys in my homegroup last year. This was part of a Valentine’s gift they gave all the girls.)

Taking this position was very bittersweet. On the one hand, I am so incredibly blessed to have a full time job lined up before I graduate. Plus the job is in San Marcos (my ideal location) and working with freshmen in an academic capacity (potentially my dream job, at least for now). On the other hand, taking this job meant I had to give up my summer internship at Colorado LT, which in turn meant giving up experimenting with full-time ministry, potentially giving up a large sum of money I worked to support raise, and a summer with Greg.

Thankfully (praise the LORD!), God is blessing this decision and redeeming many of the things I “lost” by choosing this job. Although Greg and I will be apart for 12 weeks this summer, there’s a good chance we’ll get to do a few visits back and forth during the summer. (Plus there’s the whole “We’re going to be in the same town for the foreseeable future when he gets back from Colorado” thing.) As for the ministry opportunity, I will still get a taste of ministry through volunteering with 2.42 Church, the GCM church where Greg works with a bunch of our friends at Texas State. And the money? GCM is allowing me to keep the account I am responsible for open to help assist with some ministry expenses in San Marcos!

2.42 Church Intro Video from 2.42 Church on Vimeo.

I seriously can’t believe how smoothly this all really worked out. I’ll be looking for apartments in San Marcos in the new few weeks and trying to piece together a new home (gotta find some furniture) for me and Scout!

Although I am definitely not looking forward to super-long-distance after 9 months of long distance, I am looking forward to familiarizing myself with “San Marvelous” and establishing some of my own friendships there this summer. I also have grand plans to learn to use my sewing machine and make a quilt, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

In the mean time, I’m wrapping up my life here as an Aggie in College Station. It’s been a good two years, but I guess now it’s time to trade in my “Gig ’em, Ags!” for an “Eat ’em up, Cats!”

Fun fact: Texas State’s colors are maroon and gold. Mizzou + A&M, anyone??

Ms. Lindsay Cochrum, M.S.

Today I officially passed my master’s degree comprehensive exam and qualified to graduate in 39 days with a master’s degree in student affairs administration in higher education. I’m trying to take it all in.

Honestly, passing my comps was sort of given. I don’t mean that in a flippant way; I just mean that our program prepares us well for our field, and solving and presenting a case study using all the skills and knowledge I learned in the past two years was more of a natural culmination than a grueling test. So it was a big deal, but it also wasn’t.

I guess it’s just strange for me to think that in a little more than a month, I’m done with College Station. I’m done with homework and reading and writing papers (for now.) It’s a little hard to grasp after being in school full-time for 19 years. (NINETEEN YEARS??)

It’s a little hard to grasp because two years here FLEW. I remember this time last year looking up to my second-year-friend Erica and thinking she was so grown up and accomplished and professional, and she is. But so am I! I am that second year that Erica was applying for jobs and going off into the real world. When did that happen?

So much as transpired over the past two years here. I’ve grown so much. I am constantly astounded by much growth occurs in such short spans on time. God works quickly! Two years ago preparing to graduate from Mizzou seems so long ago. I thought I was mature then, and I was, but I’ve grown even more since then.

I joined a new church and a new homegroup.
I made an entirely new set of friends.
I lived with roommates for the first time since I was a freshman.
I wrote 20-page papers like it was nothing.
I read and read and read for class.
I read for fun some, too.
I advised student groups.
I counseled students.
I went through heartbreak and conflict with friends that ended well by the grace of the Lord.
I got a cat.
I left the country.
I lived in Oregon.
I experienced the Lord in new and intimate ways.
My love for worship and my skills in that area blossomed.
I had my first date.
I had my first kiss.
I entered the stage of life where close friends start getting married.
I had bed bugs.
My first close relative passed away.
I shared the gospel with someone and then got to baptize them!
I somewhat conquered my fear of biking.
I was reunited with wildflower season in Texas.
I went to my first professional work conferences and met people in my field from across the country.
And so much more.

The next two years of my life are pretty hazy, but I am PRIMED for some BIG life transitions again. I’m not entirely sure where I will be and what I will be doing and with whom I’ll be doing things, but I know it’ll be good and that the Lord will continue to provide for me and grow me.

It all goes back to my blog title that I picked when I was just a wee-little 20-year old half-way through her junior year of college.

I am in progress. And I’m excited to see the progress that occurs in the next two years.

CoMO Spring Break 2013

I’m a little slow updating, but spring break was last week, and I took advantage of my gracious graduate assistantship supervisor and took the week off to head up to Missouri for the first time since I graduated almost 2 years ago!

Absolutely Mizzou-tiful

Absolutely Mizzou-tiful

It was a really lovely time of seeing old stomping grounds and hanging out with dear friends and mentors. It was hard to balance a week of seeing lots of friends, trying to do all of my favorite CoMO things (didn’t make it to the Ragtag… womp womp), eating my favorite CoMO food, trying to be a little productive with job searching and support raising, while also trying to relax during what was likely my last spring break ever. Although it was a busy week, I love every part of it and am so glad I got to visit the Zou! Here’s a little of what I did:

  • Ate delicious Apples & Sausage on a pancake with Samjay at Cafe Berlin, a CoMO brunch MUST.

    Cafe Berlin (photo by Samjay)

    Cafe Berlin (photo by Samjay)

  • Visited with Mariah in Mizzou’s beautifully gothic Memorial Union.

    Memorial Union

    Memorial Union

  • Dined on Addison’s famous Nachos Bianco with my blog friend, Kate, IRL! It was our first time to meet in person after two years of internet friendship!

    Kate & Me

    Kate & Me

  • Hung out in Center Hall and Sporcled with the ladies of Dobbs Canvas Group, aka what my undergrad small group became after they closed Mark Twain Hall for renovations.
  • Applied for some reslife jobs at Mizzou and in Texas, and ended up with a phone interview!
  • Visited the Missourian and caught up with one of my favorite editors, the lovely Liz Brixey.
  • Grabbed some delicious cookies from Ellis Library’s Bookmark Cafe and washed it down with some Kaldi’s coffee before catching up with my favorite eccentric and brilliant professor, Dean Ted Tarkow.

    Bookmark Cafe cookies. Soooo good.

    Bookmark Cafe cookies. Soooo good.

  • Walked across campus to see the newly renovated Pershing Commons and chat with my former Freshman Interest Groups colleague and Director of Mizzou’s ResLife, Frankie.
  • Resisted buying so many glorious black & gold souvenirs, settling instead on a T-shirt for the boyf. He joked that he now has a shirt to mow the lawn in. Jerk. #Aggie
  • Drank some Fitz’s rootbeer in Kaldi’s and worked on support raising.
  • Spent the evening snuggling and giggling with my five hosts (Katie, Elaine, Samjay, Allie, and Michelle) in their adorable house, the Loo (which stands for Land of Oz).

    The Loo gals and me

    The Loo gals and me

  • Grabbed gyros at Casablanca with Pastor Garrett and his lovely pregnant wife Brenna. (Can’t wait to meet baby Eben!)
  • Walked over to Pastor John aka Drage‘s house and hashed out my summer internship job responsibilities for LT and talked recent and upcoming life events.
  • Spooned and took the best nap ever with Samjay.
  • Treated myself to way too much food at Flat Branch with Allie. By far my favorite restaurant in CoMO. Had to get the Flat Branch burger smothered in their ‘Chokes & Cheese for old time’s sake, followed by their cookie sundae with black & gold Tiger Striped ice cream. Also finally got around to trying a sample of six of Flat Branch’s own brews. My favorite was definitely the Oil Change Oatmeal Stout. Dark and chocolaty with some coffee flavors; yum.
  • Craft nighted it up with Mazvita (Mah-‘gee-ta) and made some adorable fabric flower hair clips. Buy one here to support Mazvita and invisible chonic illness awareness!

    Craft night! (photo by Mazvita)

    Craft night! (photo by Mazvita)

  • Enjoyed a famous Rollins Dining Hall omelet with Elaine.
  • Lunched at the Upper Crust with my Walter Williams mentor, Maggie. Although it was a good lunch, I’ll have to remember in the future brunch is the best there.
  • Grabbed some Which Wich with my dear friend Justin who also happened to be in town.
  • Took a walk/hike through Clyde Wilson Memorial Park, tucked in the back of the East Campus neighborhood, with Samjay & Michelle

    Hiking with Michelle and Samjay

    Hiking with Michelle and Samjay

  • Crashed Dobbs’ Canvas Group
  • Watched a terrible movie on Netflix with Michelle.
  • Enjoyed delicious Thai iced tea and peanut phat thai from Bangkok Gardens with my former internship supervisors, Jill & Laura.
  • Toured the under-renovations Mark Twain Hall, my home for 3 years while at Mizzou.
  • Enjoyed the spring weather, the Columns, and Peace Park with Michelle.
  • Crashed a Rollins/Dobbs canvas group video game hangout.
  • Went home early for more snuggling, giggling, and worship with the Loo gals on my last night in CoMO.

    Worship time!

    Worship time!

Overall a beautiful week in Missouri!

How’s it going?!

It’s been two months since I posted. Oy. This semester was supposed to be less busy than last semester! Alas, this prediction does not seem to be coming to fruition… thankfully, I think I would say that although this semester has been busy, my busy-ness hasn’t necessarily been difficult. Now, balancing everything has been challenging, but the tasks I need to accomplish are fairly straightforward.

Lately, when someone asks me how I have been doing, this has been my standard response: “Well, my life right now is pretty much school, work, homegroup, support raising, job searching, and Greg.” So I’ll fill you in on how it’s been going.

1. School
I am in my last semester of grad school, and BOY, do I have senioritis. I’m only taking three classes, but each day I have class I have to amp myself up to go. Not that the classes are bad, I’m just so ready to be done and graduate. Less than 90 days to go, people! Homework is definitely being pushed back until the last minute, but I’m trying not to be on total cruise control…

2. Work
Work is… work. Putting some structure to the peer mentor program we started last semester. Not too much going on here.

3. Homegroup
This semester I joined our small group’s leadership team, which means several extra meetings a week, but I don’t mind much at all. I love my fellow core team members Dustin & Megan, and I can’t complain about getting to meet with amazing women from our church for support and discipleship! Homegroup is interesting this semester; we’re on the cusp of losing about half our members to graduation, but I’ve been enjoying it and am excited to see the growth the Lord has in store for Shockwave.

4. Support Raising
Oy, this is probably one of the more time-consuming things on my plate. This summer I am interning as a staff member at Colorado Leadership Training, but in order to do so, I need to raise $8000 to cover administration costs, training, travel, my summer wages, and fees. Support raising is tricky because it’s never really done. I could work for 8 hours a day every day for a week on ministry team development (MTD), and I most likely still wouldn’t be done after that week. I have to be careful to use my time productively but not get sucked into MTD because I have other responsibilities that need taking care of on a day-to-day basis. So far the going is sort of slow. I’ve had four people give and about 30 tell me they want to… Hoping to see the balance in the account I’m responsible for go up soon! (If you’d like to hear more about the internship, check the “Colorado LT” tab above!)

5. Job Searching
Oh job searching… you are so tricky. I do not understand your timing. I need a job in mid-August. Are the jobs that are open now willing to wait for me until then? Who knows. I am trying to discern good ways to spend my time by applying to jobs I am really interested in but not applying for jobs out of sheer necessity yet. It’s been tricky to because I am trying to find a job in a limited area. Which, by the way, is the same area as a certain boy. I’m trying to move somewhere FOR A BOY. What is my life? This leads me to #6.

6. Greg
One of the more fun aspects of my life! Greg and I celebrated six months of dating last week, which is crazy to me. I can’t believe I’ve been hanging out with this guy for half of a year! Things are going quite well, if I do say so myself. We try to see one another ever other week, but this semester it’s been slightly more frequently… until we get to an upcoming break with what looks like five weeks in a row of mismatched weekend plans (psh, who needs women’s retreats, discipleship conferences, and mission trips? #longdistancechristiancoupleproblems), which will probably suck. But at least we have the summer in Colorado to look forward to! (Yes, Greg’s going to Colorado, too. No, that’s not why I decided to go. But you know I am definitely not upset about it either…)

I guess I have a #7, too.
7. Miscellaneous
Because I don’t want you to think I work/go to class all day, raise support all night, then only ever spent time with Greg. I have other friends! And roommates! And a cat! And regular TV shows I watch and musical instruments I play and books I read. Respectively:

  • Friends: Biweekly coffee dates with my amazing friend Jen (whose wedding for whom I will have my first bridesmaid-ship in May) and whatever phone calls/friend dates I can squeeze into Fridays/Saturday mornings/Sunday afternoons
  • Roommates: The lovely Megan, Catha, Kristina, & Christina (whose wedding I’ll be attending in less than a month!) who fill my house with goofiness and laughter
  • Cat: Still adorable and mischievous as she’s ever been. Though I might be slowly teaching her to have separation anxiety because I have been out-of-town approximately 12 of the last 35 days…
  • TV Shows: Bunheads, HIMYM, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Modern Family, Up All Night (which hasn’t been on?), The Office (don’t get me started on how much Andy sucks this season), Parks & Rec, and (RIP) 30 Rock.
  • Musical instruments: Played guitar and sang for Sunday worship for the first time ever a few weeks ago! Guitar and viola on my own as well.
  • Books: Read the first two C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy books and a young adult novel so far this semester. Plus a bunch of books over the winter break (Bossypants, Life of Pi, The Night Circus, The Tall Book)

So… that’s how it’s been going lately. I really do want to blog more regularly, but let’s be real: that hasn’t happened much since August. Dang you, 18th grade!

Adulthood already?!

Y’all. I think I’m growing up.

As I predicted back in September, this year has been different. I’m in the same apartment, taking classes with the same people, hanging out with my same small group. But something’s changed.

Last year I still very much felt like I was a college kid. Yes, I had one college degree, but I was still 22, living with four other girls (three of whom were still working on their bachelor’s degrees) in a mismatched apartment, hanging out in a college small group full of undergrads, staying up until 2 a.m. procrastinating school work, knowing I had two years of this college life to go before I had to face the real world. All my friends were on college schedule.  All my friends were single and loving (?) it.

I got a cat and MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER. Ok, not really, but c'mon. She's totes adorbs.

I got a cat and MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER. Ok, not really, but c’mon. She’s totes adorbs.

This year I am still just a 23-year old with four roommates, but I did homework on Saturdays like a responsible person and actually was productive on weeknights (thanks, Mugwalls!). I still have my small group, but it has fewer undergrads (and VERY few underclassmen) in it now, and we’re all starting to learn what it’s like to get up early and work more  and go to bed at decent hours. I’m in bed before midnight if not before 11 most nights. I am responsible for another living creature’s life (Shout out to Scout/Scouty-poo/Scouty-pants/my baby… I am not a crazy cat lady despite what my Instagram account might show, I swear). Those four gals I lived with last year? Yeah, all in serious relationships now. Me too, for that matter. I’m thinking about the real world and what happens next. I don’t have another two years of school to hide under. I gotta face adulthood.

Me, my roomies from last year, and our significant others.

Me, my roomies from last year, and our significant others.

And while this is sort of scary, it’s kind of not at the same time. Although the transition has been noticeable and a little jarring at times (Guys. Greg (“the guy”) has a house. Like he owns it. Now he is an adult.), it feels fairly natural, like this is the next logical step in this thing called life.

You stop staying up into all hours of the night wasting time and start having a normal-ish sleep schedule. People pair off and get engaged/married. You actually start using Mint.com to budget yourself because suddenly you’re sort of making a decent amount of money (sort of). That collection of 60 college T-shirts? Yeah, they gather dust in you dresser because it’s business casual every day, and really no one needs 60 T-shirts for the weekends because you actually do laundry at regular intervals instead of saving up three months’ worth and taking it home at Thanksgiving break. (Actually, I can’t lie. I took home a suitcase of dirty laundry at Thanksgiving, but that was only because I am soooo busy with my adult life that I didn’t have time to wash them at school…)

Catching some high school football with Greg over Thanksgiving break.

Catching some high school football with Greg over Thanksgiving break.

And so it goes. I go to work and work on things mostly unsupervised because my supervisor wants me to feel like a professional. I decide I actually want to buy a solid pair of nude heels that cost more than $20 because I should be making sartorial investments like that now. I drive out-of-town on the weekends and visit my grownup boyfriend for the weekend. I come home and snuggle with my cat and watch TV. (Still not a crazy cat lady.) And I think I’m okay with it. I think, as much as I adored my “college years” and as much as I still adore college students (pretty much majoring in them), I’m ready for the next step.

Some college ladies I still ardently adore. They came to visit me on their Thanksgiving break!

Some college ladies I still ardently adore. They came to visit me on their Thanksgiving break!

I’m ready to be an adult, guys! I am! (But I wouldn’t mind my parents still covering my cell bill and car insurance…)

So adorable, amirite?!

So adorable, amirite?!

We have to go back!

I have an announcement! God- (and Drage-) willing, I will be going back to Colorado LT this coming summer as a GCM staff intern! (If you don’t know what LT is, read about it here. But really you should know about it because I think I’ve mentioned it at least every third blog post since I decided to go the first time in the spring of 2010.)

Now I’m sure you have a lot of questions. I did, too, at first.

But wait, aren’t you graduating from your master’s program in May? Shouldn’t you be looking for a real job?
Ha! That’s the first question I asked myself after I felt the Lord telling me I should consider this internship back in July.

Um, God, you’re telling me I should intern at LT? That sounds like a horrible idea. What will people say when I tell them I’m not looking for a job after graduation, I’m just galavanting off to the mountains and ignoring the “real world” for an extra 12 weeks? And I have, like, loans to repay and stuff.
Yeah, good thing it’s a paid internship!
I’m supposed to graduate and get a real job because that’s what grownups do!
Can’t you job search while you’re in Colorado?
Uh, I guess so… yeah. But employers are going to ask me about this gap between grad school job searching.
Um, what gap? You’ll be working.
But does working at LT really count towards my professional career?
Lindsay. Yes. Duh. You’ll be working with college students and coordinating a summer leadership training program.
Oh yeah… It is pretty much all the things I LOVE about my area of study… discipleship, student groups, leadership, teaching & workshops, event planning… That actually would look pretty good on my resume… hmm…
See. I told you it’s gonna be awesome.
But God, what happens when LT ends and I don’t have a job?
Lindsay, how many times have a carefully and perfectly taken care of all your needs? Oh, that’s right, ALL THE TIMES.
Ok, God. I guess I’ll think about it.
Lindsay, you can say that, but we both know what you’re going to decide…
… shut up, God. (Sometimes I don’t want to admit he’s right even when I know in my heart he is…)

So yeah. I’ve been praying about it and talking to people I trust and respect about what spending this summer in Colorado might mean for me. Obviously all the church staff I’ve talked to are pro-me-going. But I was nervous about what my grad school program coordinator would say if I took the path less traveled and put off my job search a little. Turns out she was supportive of me doing what I felt like was right for me. Something about listening to my inner voice or something (insert Baxter Magolda in-joke for SA-people here). Then I talked to my current supervisor, which I think was possibly the most encouraging conversation ever. This obviously isn’t word for word what he said, but it captures the essence of the conversation.

“Lindsay, if you feel called to go, then you need to go. We all have voices insides our selves that tell us stuff that really might not make sense for other people, but it makes sense for us. You need to listen to that voice. Will your job search look different? Yes. Will you potentially miss out on jobs that will be open in the summer? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a job. You’re just going to find a different job. Your process is just going to be different from your peers’, and that’s okay as long as you know that and are okay with it. You’re 23 years old. When are you going to have the opportunity to do this stuff for yourself again? You have 30+ years to build up your professional career. You don’t need to start your professional first job the day after graduation.”

Biggest weight off my shoulders.

So yeah. I’m applying to intern, y’all. I’m really excited for what this internship will do for me personally and professionally. Personally, I think a season of semi-rest and refreshment after this crazy year of grad school will be the best thing ever. I need to get out to the mountains and dedicate 12 weeks of my life to serving the Lord and not writing student development theory papers or studying higher education case-law. I need to breathe mountain air and stare at God’s creation for a few months. Professionally, like I mentioned earlier, this internship will give me more experience in a non-conventional-but-still-applicable-student-affairs-y-type job. It will also give me a better understanding of the inner workings of college ministry and what it’s like to work with other GCM staffers. So yeah. Getting pumped for sure.

So does this mean you’re going on staff?!
Ha, no.

Oh, ‘cuz you don’t want to support raise, right?
Well, that is technically true. I don’t really want to support raise my salary, but that is not the reason I’m not going on staff. I’m not going on staff because I don’t feel called to go on staff. I feel called to get a job at a university and volunteer my resources and outside time to campus ministry through GCM. I feel like the Lord has equipped me to serve in this way, and I am super pumped about it.

Oh, so do you have to raise support for this internship?
Yes, so… be on the lookout for a letter asking you for support through prayer or finances in early 2013! I’ll admit I don’t really look forward to support raising again, especially since I will have to raise more than I had to for Italy last year, but I know the Lord will provide. If he’s calling me to Colorado, he will make a way for me to go.

So what happens now?
My application to intern is due December 1, and then if I’m accepted to intern, I’ll go to GCM ministry team development training in January. Then in May, I will graduate, pack out my room at the Den (woah, too soon… too soon…), and head to the mountains. I don’t know for sure what happens after that. I’ll be doing some preliminary job searching in the spring just in case my dream job shows up, but I imagine I’ll be doing the bulk of the work of looking for a real job out in Colorado. As of today, I plan on looking primarily at GCM campuses (Texas A&M, Texas State, UNT, Mizzou, and Pitt), though I will also be looking at the Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas areas. If I leave Colorado without a job, chances are I’ll move back in with the ‘rents until God tells me where to go next. Not gonna lie, that freaks me out. I haven’t been unemployed since high school, but I trust that the Lord knows what he’s doing!

So yeah! I’ll definitely try to update the blog as more happens, but, um, you may have noticed that I have sucked at blogging this semester, so… no guarantees for regular updates… Regardless, be praying for me, please! Excited to share what the Lord does with me and this opportunity over the next 10 months. 🙂

Dangit, Grandma

There’s a reason I haven’t blogged much at all this semester. Well, a few reasons, really. Some being…

1. I work 30 hours a week.
2. I’m enrolled in 12 hours of class.
3. I have never had so much reading in my life.
4. This takes up most of my waking hours.
5. And oh yeah, my grandma was prophetic.

Just let that sink in a little and let your mind ponder what I could possibly mean by “my grandma was prophetic.”

Ok. On to the story.

My life this semester is pretty much an endless and relentless  and monotonous cycle of work, class, homework, repeat. Add a dash of catching up with friends here, a sprinkle of homegroup and church activities there, and then, oh yeah… a Guy*. That’s where Grandma’s prophecy comes in.

Now, I am hesitant to write about the Guy, not because our dating is a secret or anything, but because I respect the Guy and don’t necessarily want to blab the details of our relationship all over the internet for everyone to read. But this story was too good not to share, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing it, Guy!

You see, my dear grandmother passed away in April after a long, fulfilling life of raising 10 children, 30+ grandchildren, and last time I counted, though this number might be off, 17 great-grandchildren. She was an amazing lady. So her passing was sad, but not unexpected, and honestly a little relieving. Grandma’s hanging out with Jesus now, and I’m pretty sure she’s laughing to herself because she’s watching me live out her prophecy.

Ok, I’m getting to the prophecy part now, I promise!

The last time I saw my grandma in person, though I spoke with her over the phone before she passed, she told me, and I swear this is word for word her last words to me in person:

“Don’t let any boy mess up your education.”

At this time I found this pretty funny and highly implausible.

“Grandma, I’ve made it 23 years without any boy messing with my education, not to mention 23 years without a guy even letting me know he’s interested in me. I do not think this will be a problem. And even on the off-chance that some guy does come along and wants to take me out, I certainly will not let him mess up my education because I am a strong, independent woman, and I will earn my master’s degree by May and be self-sufficient, so help me!”

Less than four months later, enter the Guy. The highly unexpected and surprising guy. The long distance guy.

Y’all. Dating and getting to know someone really well is time-consuming. Like, a really fun and exciting time-consuming, but time-consuming nonetheless. And then you add a two-hour drive to that time-consuming, and it really starts to add up. Between weekend visits and Skype dates and phone calls, your free time starts to diminish (in a really great way, Guy!)… that free time you were supposed to do your massive amounts of homework and reading for your 12 hours of class.


So yeah. I’m pretty behind on my reading right now. And if I’m not careful, Grandma might start haunting Guy to make sure he isn’t “messing up my education.”

But in all reality, he isn’t. My work gets done. I might skim some chapters and skip some not-as-important articles, but it’s getting done, and I’m going to graduate.

And dangit, I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty fun having a Guy around to “mess up my education.”

So Grandma, I hope you and Jesus are having yourselves a laugh up there in heaven because I did not see this coming, and I kind of feel like Sarah when the angels told her she was going to have a baby. You got me!

*Note: His name is not actually “Guy.” Just trying to keep some internet mystique going!

RIP Bike

Bike was a well-loved and respected member of Lindsay and Katie’s Two Woman Bike Gang.

Bike has passed away.

Sometime between Saturday, July 21 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, July 22 at 9:45 a.m., Bike’s wheels and seat were taken from him by force from the University Apartment’s bike rack. His frame was laid to rest outside the Willamette Bike Shop on Monday, July 23 at 9 a.m.

Warning: this post contains graphic images from a bike attack.

Bike was a faithful and loving bike. He was gentle and patient with his temporary owner, Lindsay, as she relearned to ride this summer and gained confidence in her new hobby. After nearly three weeks of trying to find the right bike at the start of the summer, in the end, Lindsay and Bike had barely more than four weeks together. But it was a beautiful month of many adventures. Bike and Lindsay often went on outings together with Lindsay’s friend Katie and her bike. They traveled across central Salem to various coffee shops, bible studies, Redbox deliveries, and breakfast dates. Bike and Lindsay even took a trip to Safeway and back, together managing the load of a week’s worth of groceries. Lindsay and Bike had made plans to go to church together for the first time this past weekend before Bike was brutally attacked and stripped of his vital organs.

Lindsay and Bike had planned to be separated in two weeks, but they had made many plans to make the most of the last days together. Lindsay and Bike’s last outing was a beautiful afternoon ride around the Willamette campus and to Salem’s McDonald’s for an afternoon treat. Bike impacted Lindsay’s summer in a way she will never forget. Without Bike, Lindsay would not have conquered her fear of all bikes. Lindsay plans to one day own a bike in honor of Bike.

Donations for Lindsay’s new bike fund will be accepted in lieu of flowers. Please feel free to comment and leave your favorite memories of Bike.