Currently Cooking #1

As a newlywed, I’ve been cooking more and more to feed our new little family. (And to have delicious leftovers for lunch!) Plus all my new kitchen gadgets make me really excited to bake! So here are some recent recipes I’ve tried, and, in several cases, loved. Try ’em out yourself!

S’mores Bars from Truffled Delights

S’mores Bars: Made this for the first time we hosted our church homegroup. I thought they were pretty good, but our friends raved over them. Easy and yummy for sure. Resist the temptation to cut while still hot. It’s a sticky mess. Let them cook completely, cut into bars, then warm one up in the microwave if you like the gooey, drippy thing.

Texas Sheet Cake Cookies from Cookies & Cups

Texas Sheet Cake Cookies: I decided to try these after a friend posted she made them on Instagram. I was slightly disappointed. They were fine but not rave-worthy. The icing matched the traditional cake icing flavor and texture well, but the dense cookies left me wishing I was eating moist cake instead.

Cookies & Cream Bars from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Cookies & Cream Bars: I avoided a little disaster here with a sharp new knife. When they say to butter your paper before pouring, listen! I was scraping wax paper off every bar. 😦 Overall, good, but very dense and chewy. I think I prefer dipping the original cookies in a big ol’ glass of milk. I ground pulverized the cookies into fine crumbs (in my new food processor!), so maybe keeping them a little more choppy would ease the density?

Herb-and-Chili Shrimp Toasts from Real Simple

Herb-And-Chili Shrimp Toasts: Yummmmmm. This was such a fresh and delicious recipe, and fairly quick and easy to make (I think… Greg did it!). I saved time for us by buying pre-peeled, -deveined, and -cooked shrimp. We used a jalapeno because I couldn’t find any red Fresno peppers and parsley because HEB was out of my preferred cilantro. Instead of a baguette we used slices of bread from the recipe below. The perfect summertime dinner paired with…

Peach, Basil, and Almond Panzanella from Real Simple

Peach, Basil, and Almond Panzanella: We served this as a “side” to the shrimp toasts, though Real Simple claims it could be a lunch on its own… not sure of how filling it would be, but I’d probably just eat the entire recipe’s worth! We toasted our own almonds, used white wine vinegar (HEB wasn’t fancy enough for champagne vinegar), and grated pecorino cheese instead of ricotta salata. Greg and I both really liked this! I should make it again while peaches are still in season…

Chorizo Sweet Potato Skillet from Budget Bytes

Chorizo Sweet Potato SkilletSo quick and delish! I cooked up a whole bag of dried black beans we’ve had in the pantry forever, so I’m looking for more black bean recipes! This one was a hit (Greg said it was a repeat for sure), and we thought it could be fun to mix up the meat, types of salsa, and types of cheese for varying flavors. Greg doesn’t usually like chorizo, but whatever kind I got at HEB won him over (for this dish at least).

That’s some of what I’ve been cooking lately! I hope to write posts like these every so often to share my finds and kitchen adventures.

Have you cooked/baked anything good lately? What should I make next?