Well, I’m married now!

Well hey, guys.

I haven’t posted in a few months (as per ushe) because, well, this time, I got married, and that kind of took up a lot of my time in addition to a busy summer of New Student Orientation at work.

But I do want to try to write more now that the wedding planning is over! And I have so many things to share, like

  • more tweets from the past
  • a wedding recap
  • honeymoon summary
  • what I’ve learned from marriage so far (I’m an expert! ha! jk.)
  • the epic pranking our friends did while we were in Seattle
  • and more

So here’s to hoping I make more time for the blogs! I have high ambitions now that my home iMac basically has it’s own room (“the study”) because I am an adult who lives in a house with her husband and we have matching throw pillows and a fancy foot-pedal trashcan! (That’s defines adulthood, obvs.)

So… more to come from this married gal!


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