Favorite Things Friday #3

It’s been a while, but here’s another round-up of some of my current favorites:

-roasted kale (or any roasted veggie)
veggies + olive oil + salt + fresh ground pepper + fresh garlic = heaven. i’ve even gotten lazy lately and bought pre-chopped kale in a bag from HEB, which make my favorite snack/dinner side dish even quicker to make.

-old navy’s sweetheart skinny jeans
just bought ’em a few weeks ago and i’m obsessed.

-google docs
this only way my wedding is getting planned at all. spreadsheets for guest lists and budgets that i can share with greg or my mom? documents to list honeymoon ideas? all in a tidy #stadterday folder. perf.

-himym (how i met your mother)
i’ve been binging for weeks rewatching the old seasons on netflix getting ready for the series finale in a few weeks. caught up to the new season last night! i’ve been loving seeing how the reoccurring jokes run throughout all the seasons!


-austin, tx
by sunday, i will have driven into austin for various fun things 4 times in the past 12 days. the 45-minute drive and ever-present city traffic is enough to keep me from visiting that often, usually, but friends from mizzou in town for sxsw (amy & breezy) and a few limited-release movie dates with greg (hayao miyazaki & veronica marshave had me traveling i-35 multiple times this month!


-the floor to ceiling window in my new office
a co-worker left to take a job elsewhere last month, which meant her office on the other side of the hallway was open. after some debating on whether i wanted to pack up all my stuff and rehang my diplomas, i decided to take the room with a view over my little box office. i’m in love.

-along for the ride jewelry
my friend laura is closing up her etsy shop, so all her adorable jewelry is on sale! check her out and treat yourself to an $8 fabric button pendant necklace. she’s sending a free pair of bias tape rosette earrings with each purchase this week, too!

That wraps it up! Until next time…

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