The Beginning


I found this post tucked away in my “drafts” folder, so I’m hitting “publish” now!

The story of how Greg and I met is a little windy (wine-dee, not win-dee). We had a few brief encounters before we “met” in Italy, which is usually our response for, “How did you two meet?” But let me assure you: our meeting in Italy was not some romantic Lady-&-the-Tramp-nose-pushing-meetball experience. It took some time after that trip before things started happening. Here, let me just start from the beginning.


Greg: Graduates from Texas A&M with a degree in Biology but decides to go on staff with Fellowship Church in College Station, Texas. Begins support raising.

Lindsay: Begins school at The University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.


Greg: After briefly joining the church staff at Fellowship, leaves with a team to plant 2.42 Church at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, about 2.5 hours from College Station.

Lindsay: Still at Mizzou, goes to Colorado LT over the summer and promptly falls in love with the idea of going to grad school at Texas A&M.


Greg: As part of his church plant duties, decides to scope out some mission trip opportunities to partner with Fellowship for 2.42 students in future years. Decides to go on the Italy trip.

Lindsay: Now in grad school at Texas A&M, decides to go on Fellowship’s trip to Italy to teach English to college students in Milan.

Both: Go to mutual acquaintances’ wedding. A few weeks later, get on a bus in Texas and drive to Ohio for GCM’s Collegiate Ignite conference. Greg remembers seeing Lindsay decked out in full Mizzou gear and wonders why that Mizzou girl is on a bus full of Aggies. Lindsay has no recollection of ever seeing Greg, but there is photographic evidence showing that they once stood near one another in a line for McDonalds.

Spring 2012

Both: Formally are introduced and meet at a support-letter-stuffing party for the Italy trip. Lindsay recalls talking about which Star Trek series was the best (she says Voyager; he says DS9… or maybe TNG?) and also off-handedly mentioning she should marry a man on staff since she has good support team connections. #foreshadowing

Lindsay: Friends Greg (and other team members) on Facebook.

Both: See each other a few times throughout the semester at team meetings, but don’t talk much. Are both assigned to teach the advanced English club with their teammate Lindsey.

May 2012

Greg: Calls Lindsay to ask her about information he missed at the last team meeting.

Lindsay: Wonders how Greg got her phone number (it was later determined it may have been from her email signature during team email communications). Also wonders why Greg’s asking her these questions when she’s never been on the trip. Suggests Greg calls the team leader Jordan or other teammate Lindsey who both have been on this same trip previously.

Greg: Denies that this phone call was at all flirtatious or an excuse to get Lindsay’s number.

Both: Go to Italy for two weeks and get to know one another.

Lindsay: Finds Greg intriguing, but isn’t instantly attracted and is wary to fall for another guy who probably, in line with her track record, won’t like her back. Wants to know more about him, but also prays with teammate Cherise that she will not develop feelings for him because all she wants is a summer away from boy drama.

Greg: Likes Lindsay and tries to flirt with her, but pulls back to take time to think it all through before making any moves.

Lindsay: Is completely oblivious to attempts at flirting. Determines she had a “mission trip crush” on him that will soon dissipate after the trip ends.

June 2012

Lindsay: Flies to Oregon for nine weeks for a summer internship. Spends a lot of time alone in her office working on projects on her computer.

Greg: Goes back to San Marcos for the summer. Starts Google chatting with Lindsay on a daily basis.

Lindsay: Is instantly suspicious and nervous. Is unsure of how she feels towards Greg. Decides there’s no harm in instant messaging and getting to know him better.

July 2012

Both: Continue chatting regularly.

Lindsay: Prays about the friendship and her suspicion that it could turn into more. Feels led to “give him a chance.”

Greg: Calls Lindsay a week before she returns to Texas and asks her to go on a date with him.

Lindsay: Says yes!

August 2012

Greg: Drives to College Station and takes Lindsay out on an 11-hour date.

Lindsay: Has a good time and hopes there is a second date.

Greg: Ends the date by asking if he can give Lindsay a hug.

Lindsay: Says yes but out of nervousness gives him a side hug and feels like a goof.

Both: Are happy.

So there you have it, folks! The beginning of our dating relationship. Maybe I’ll write more about the past two years of our friendship and dating relationship as we near the wedding date. Just 114 days to go!


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