“The Story”

To paraphrase Hazel Grace Lancaster in “The Fault in our Stars” (by John Green), I got engaged the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.

If you haven’t heard out big news, Greg proposed last night!

We're tying the knot!

We’re tying the knot!

I know a lot of people wanted me to “tell the story!” so I figured I’d write it out here for all to read! I’ll write out “the long version,” but for those of you who don’t care about the sappy details, just scroll down to “the short version.”

The Long Version

This engagement has been a long time coming. Really, marriage was on the table from very early on in our dating relationship. We always knew we were dating to try to determine if one day we’d like to be married. In various stages of our relationship, that’s meant different things.

At first, it meant getting to know one another while we were long-distance.
Several months in, it meant trying to find a post-graduation job in San Marcos to explore the possibility of what actually being in each other’s life looked like .
Around the 9 months mark, it meant actually moving to San Marcos.
In August, it meant pursuing pre-engagement counseling with a mentor couple to discuss fun and hard things about what marriage might look like.
In November it meant finally exchanging “I love you”s and starting to discuss ring styles and timelines.
Really we’ve never not been “serious.”

In December it became, “So I ordered a ring and it’s gonna take a while to get here, so you can start planning things if you need do,” due to our desire for a quick engagement.

So some planning began. Greg asked for my parents’ blessing the dat after Christmas. I never thought I’d be one of those girls who went wedding dress shopping before she had a ring, but I’m here to admit,  I am one of those girls.

It’s okay though because we were on the same page, and even though no formal proposal had been made, we both knew we wanted to take the next step as soon as the ring store would allow us.

So fast forward to Thursday. At this point, I am doing my best to not suspect everything to be a proposal and really failing at it. Most weekdays Greg and I chat online while we’re each at work, and if he’s not online, it usually means he’s not at the office, which happens occasionally if he needs to run errands for work or will be working late night events and takes a morning off in exchange, etc. However, Thursday when Greg wasn’t online I was pretty certain he was picking up an engagement ring. I texted him that afternoon to see how his day had been going, and he vaguely explained he’d spend some time running errands that day. I expected a Friday proposal.

I had made plans for that evening to meet up with two different gals, so I had told Greg earlier in the week we probably wouldn’t see each other that day. I left straight from work to hang out with Lisa for a few hours. After we finished, I called Greg on the way to my house because we hadn’t talked all day, and I wanted to see how his day was. I knew something was up because he really tried to get me off the phone quickly; he did not want to talk. Later I found out that I was messing up his plans when I mentioned that I was thinking of inviting the second gal over to my house rather than going out with her to coffee. Oops. How was I supposed to know?!

I got to my house a little annoyed and hurt that Greg brushed me off so quickly. I texted him to say so, and he told me he was sorry and that he had a headache. I felt bad, but we made plans to have dinner the next night. I thought, “Okay, he probably just didn’t want to have to hide the fact that he picked up my ring today, and he’ll propose at dinner tomorrow.” I actually texted my roommates, who weren’t at home, “Help! I think Greg’s going to propose tomorrow! Pray against suspicion and for a total surprise!” (It worked, I guess!) As I quickly ate some dinner before my next friend-date, Rachel texted me to ask if we could actually have dinner rather than coffee since she hadn’t eaten. I told her I was already eating but would be happy to go with her out to eat. Little did I know that Greg had texted Rachel and told her to insist we go out rather than stay in. I left for dinner with Rachel.

After dinner with Rachel (she texted Greg to let him know when we had finished!), I headed back to my house. It was past 9, and I was pretty tired. I was looking forward to saying hey to my roommates for the first time that day and then going to bed. When I pulled into my driveway, I realized I had forgotten my house key! Rather than dig around for the spare we keep hidden, I decided to just knock on my roommate’s exterior door. Her light was on in her room, so I figured she’d answer, but she didn’t. I figured she and my other roommate were watching a moving or something in the living room, so I decided to try the front door. As I walked past the row of windows lining the front of our house, I noticed in the crack between the curtains and the windows a soft glow that was warmer than the light of the TV.  It looked like white twinkle lights, and that’s when I wondered if something was about to happen. I tried to find our spare key, but it wasn’t in it’s usually place (Greg has used it to get in the house). Confused, I knocked on my own front door.

Then the front door handle unlocked, but no one came to the door. Hm.

As I opened the door, there was Greg, standing in my candle-lit living room, waiting for me. I was definitely not expecting a proposal that night! (I was still in my work clothes, too, haha.)

He told me he couldn’t have waited too long to propose after getting the ring, so right there he told me some really sweet things and then got on one knee, put the ring on my finger, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes without a question!

Before he put the ring on my finger, I had to figure out what to do with my wallet, car keys, and phone, which I was holding in my hands, so I threw them over the back of the couch, nearly knocking over what I later found out was Greg’s GoPro video camera, capturing the whole thing. I can’t wait to see the video!

After it was official, he gave me flowers and a bible with my “new name” on it! The perfect final touches. Then we had to let my poor roommates out of the bedroom where they had been silently waiting and trying not to give it away!

The roommates waiting... (Photos by Allison)

The roommates waiting… (Photos by Allison)

We enjoyed sitting and chatting about all the things that had run through our heads that day while sipping on wine I just happened to have and some cookies one of my roommates bought to celebrate. We called our families, texted our friends, and then, in true millennial fashion, made it Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram official.

The Short Version

After I went out to dinner with a friend, I came home, surprised to find Greg in my darkened, candle-lit living room, waiting for me with a ring, flowers, and a bible. He said a lot of really wonderful sweet things, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! I said yes, and then we celebrated by calling our families and hanging out with my roommates!

So there you have it!



SO EXCITED FOR #STADTERDAY (the official hashtag, in case you were wondering)!!

All my rings with my favorite on top!

All my rings with my favorite on top!


3 thoughts on ““The Story”

  1. Congrats!! I love that you used my favorite quote from TFioS, that he worked so hard to make it a surprise, and that he gave you a bible with your “new” name. So perfect! Good luck with (finishing) your planning!

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