1 year of thankfulness

Hello friends! As always, it’s been a bit since my last post here at the good ol’ blog. I’ve been busy this summer adjusting to my amazing (seriously, it’s amazing) new life in San Marcos, reading (update on my reading challenge to come!), walking, cooking, relaxing, and even traveling some.

But now it’s time for a fun fact!

A year ago today, I was lying on my dorm room bed at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, reading, when my phone unexpectedly rang. It was about a week before I was supposed to head back to Texas for the fall. Guess who was on the other end.

“Hey, it’s Greg. I was wondering if next week when you get back to Texas if you’d like to go on a date.”

(Let’s pause here for a moment and admire the fact that this guy not only called me instead of emailing or texting and used the word “date” instead of being vague or confusing and saying, “hang out” or something. He’s a keeper, I’m tellin’ y’all.)

So my mind went blank, but somehow I managed to say yes, and well… now I live in San Marcos, so you can see how things have worked out since that phone call.

In honor of this anniversary of him calling to ask me out, I have decided to write a thank-you post to all the people who have made the past year (and some of the months leading up to it) possible.

(It’s gonna get a little sappy, so maybe stop reading if you’re not into that. But if you’re one of my or Greg’s friends, keep reading because I probably have a shout-out to you down below.)

One thing I really enjoy about me and Greg’s relationship is how present our friends have been throughout its development. From before our first date, throughout the entire first year, our journey has been filled with our friends. Now that we’ve been dating almost 12 months, and the long distance portion of our relationship is ending (6 days!!!), I’d like to give a shout out to a few awesome people who have helped move our relationship along.

To our Italy team — Jordan & Cherise, Stacy, Karla, Lindsey, Megan, and Julie — for helping create a wonderful two-week trip where a friendship would begin.

To all my dear lady friends (and a few cool dudes) who let me verbally process as I tried to figure out my feelings last summer while I was in Oregon.

To Michael & Jennifer, who helped ease some of my nervousness of our first date and also let Greg stay in their guest room in College Station on multiple occasions.

To Christina, Kristina, Megan, and Catha for being tolerant roommates and hanging out with me & Greg even when you didn’t want to be the third wheel on the couch.

To Jenna & Daniel, Kelsey & Avery, and Jennifer & Kyle for making our second date a disgustingly cute quadruple date. Also thanks for dating/getting engaged/getting married first so I can learn from all your mistakes (and successes! hehe).

To Clif & Liz for making our third date at the A&M football game fun, and for many other couple-y adventures over the past year (with hopefully more to come!).

To Ryan & Lindsay for letting me stay in their guest room when I came to visit San Marcos all of last fall. Also thanks for hanging out with us and introducing us to good food.

To Will, Andrew, and Clif for being tolerant roommates and letting us sit on the couch together when I was in town.

To Justin, Bryan, and Allen for letting Greg stay on their extra-long couch when he came to visit College Station all of last year.

To my family for welcoming Greg to holiday events and understanding when I split my vacation time to see him.

To Zach & Nicole for letting me stay in their guest rooms when I came to visit San Marcos all of last spring, even when sometimes I wouldn’t see you at all.

To Shockwave for accepting “3G” with open arms.

To Boogaloo and 2.42 for making me feel like a part of this San Marcos family and not just an appendage to Greg.

To the Drages for letting me crash on their couch when I visited Greg in Colorado.

To Justin, Sharon, Mike, and Kevin for lending us cars to make our Colorado vacation fun (and interesting…).

To Aaron, Will, and Andrew for doing all the boyfriend-y things I’d make Greg do if he were here this summer (i.e. moving heavy things, taking me to get my car fixed, letting me do laundry at the house, etc.).

To everyone who ever fed Scout and gave her attention while I traveled to visit Greg.

To Neva, Macie, Cherise, Michelle, and Sarah for being wise and prayerful married women mentors for me over the past 15 months.

To my parents for their support and love.

To Greg’s family for raising an awesome kid and welcoming me into their home.

To everyone else who has given support, prayer, wise counsel, advice, friendship, and encouragement along the last 365 days (and the days leading to them).

To everyone else who has given support, prayer, wise counsel, advice, friendship, and encouragement along the last 24 and 28 years. You made us who we are today and prepared us to meet one another at just the right time.


And lastly, to Greg: thank you for being considerate enough to pursue me, brave enough to take a risk on me, humble enough to serve me, strong enough to support me, gracious enough to forgive me and put up with my shortcomings, loyal enough to protect me, willing enough to teach me, patient enough to understand me, bold enough to challenge me, goofy enough to make me laugh, thoughtful enough to make me happy, and caring enough to always point me to Jesus. You’re the best boyfriend a girl could have prayed for.

Also it rocks that you’re tall and easy on the eyes. Yeah, I went there.

Ok, I think that’s enough gratitude for now.
Oh, I guess thanks to you, dear reader, for reading this cheesy post.
Ok now I’m done.


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