A mid-summer’s update

Once again, another month six weeks has passed without comment on the ol’ blog! My friend Barclay mentioned that I would shake my head in disapproval of his only updating his blog a few times each summer to update his friends on his yearly trip to Nigeria, but considering I usually only update mine one a month, I can’t shake my head too vigorously!

Summer in San Marcos is blowing past. I can’t believe I’ve lived here for nearly two months! I can count down the weekends until the busyness of August hits with upcoming events. (Jenna’s wedding, my trip to Colorado, a free weekend, Cousin Camp, 2.42’s staff retreat… hello mid-August!)

So what have I been up to? I’ll try to break it down.

Job: Loving my job helping freshmen register for classes. It’s a good mix of busybusybusy on orientation days, and productive but peaceful on preparation days. I’m getting to know my coworkers and campus and enjoying it all.

Friends: I’ve spent a lot of time with Greg’s friends, who I’d like to think are now truly my friends as well. I must admit I am thankful for Greg’s good taste in companionship. Even when Greg’s not here, I sincerely enjoy hanging out with his roommates and other friends and look forward to our various adventures (authentic Japanese Ramen in Austin, breweries in Wimberley, billiards, long games of Settlers of Catan, watching old Star Trek series on Netflix, floating the river, sushi night, movie night, etc.). They’ve also been extremely charitable and helpful as I’ve needed a lot of friend-help lately with laundry facilities, picking up appliances from Austin, and getting my car’s AC repaired. There is still a lack of mid-20s gals to spend time with (though I do love the college ladies in our homegroup!), but I’m hoping with the return of my roommates at the end of the month that the situation will improve. (Come home, Allison & Sandy!)

Hobbies: With no homework to clutter my evenings and weekends, I’ve been able to take up (or re-take-up) some hobbies I’ve missed. I’ll admit, most of them are solo endeavors, but I’m hoping to pick up some more social leisure activities in the future! Mostly I’ve…

  • Spent Saturday and Sunday mornings lazily half-watching movies I’ve already seen whilst cleaning and straightening up the house.
  • Marathoned three seasons of Downton Abbey in the span of a week or two, basically. Have since moved onto Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (taking it much slower, though).
  • Read some great books and started my friend Megan’s summer book challenge (which I also participated in last year).
  • Set up my sewing machine! Can’t wait to start some projects.
  • Cooked! I cook real food now, guys.
  • Taken up walking in an effort to make my clothes fit better since my last semester of grad school hit me pretty hard in that department.
  • Guitar’d a bit, though not as much as I’d like. I’m missing my jam sesh friends in College Station.
  • Skyping/phoning far-away friends, as per usual.

Scout: Has been a little bit of a terror. Ever since we moved she’s been quite needy and cries all the time. I hypothesize that this is because she went from living with five girls who doted on her at least gave her minimal attention (depending on the girl) throughout the day to living with just me, who is gone 8-5 most days and several evenings a week. Our weekends together when she feels acknowledged are much better than our evenings when she begs for my attention by MEOWING and scratching at the blinds until I go to sleep. Wait, who am I kidding. She cries for at least 15 minutes even after I turn out the lights. She must be in the cat teenage stage or the terrible twos or something.

The last days of a long-distance relationship: It’s funny to think that this long-distance thing Greg and I have been doing for nearly a year is almost at an end! Communication from Estes Park, Colorado, to San Marcos, Texas, has been more challenging than I thought it was going to be, but it’s been a strengthening and growing experience for us, I think. Just four more weeks and Greg and I will actually live in the same place!

In summary, it’s been a good summer. And although it seems almost over, there’s still a solid month left. I am looking forward to more cooking and walking, visiting College Station for my dear friend Jenna’s wedding, flying to Colorado to visit my favorite summer getaway town (I guess it will be nice to see Greg, too…), hanging out with my family on my uncle’s ranch, bonding with other leaders and students in my church at their annual planning retreat, spending my evenings doing things I enjoy, and more.

Fingers crossed I will also post some more blogs soon! I’m trying to work it into my hobbies rotation.


One thought on “A mid-summer’s update

  1. Excited for you to be near your man friend soon! Jonathan and I will finally be living in the same place once he finds an apartment in San Jose (hopefully within a week or two!!). Woot!

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