I got a job!

So most of you who follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook know, but I’m employed! With like, a big girl job!

Texas State University is located in the beautiful, hilly San Marcos, Texas.

Starting in mid/late May I will begin my new job as an academic advisor at Texas State University’s PACE Center!

The PACE (Personalized Academic and Career Exploration) Center is the first-year advising center for all incoming freshmen at Texas State. The first few months on the job will be a whirlwind of training and new student orientation as Texas State welcomes thousands of new students to San Marcos. And I’ll be in charge of advising hundreds of them! Crazy. I’m super excited to combine my love of freshmen with my master’s degree education and my interest in academic and career development through this position.

Literally. (Meme courtesy of the guys in my homegroup last year. This was part of a Valentine's gift they gave all the girls.)

Literally. (Meme courtesy of the guys in my homegroup last year. This was part of a Valentine’s gift they gave all the girls.)

Taking this position was very bittersweet. On the one hand, I am so incredibly blessed to have a full time job lined up before I graduate. Plus the job is in San Marcos (my ideal location) and working with freshmen in an academic capacity (potentially my dream job, at least for now). On the other hand, taking this job meant I had to give up my summer internship at Colorado LT, which in turn meant giving up experimenting with full-time ministry, potentially giving up a large sum of money I worked to support raise, and a summer with Greg.

Thankfully (praise the LORD!), God is blessing this decision and redeeming many of the things I “lost” by choosing this job. Although Greg and I will be apart for 12 weeks this summer, there’s a good chance we’ll get to do a few visits back and forth during the summer. (Plus there’s the whole “We’re going to be in the same town for the foreseeable future when he gets back from Colorado” thing.) As for the ministry opportunity, I will still get a taste of ministry through volunteering with 2.42 Church, the GCM church where Greg works with a bunch of our friends at Texas State. And the money? GCM is allowing me to keep the account I am responsible for open to help assist with some ministry expenses in San Marcos!

2.42 Church Intro Video from 2.42 Church on Vimeo.

I seriously can’t believe how smoothly this all really worked out. I’ll be looking for apartments in San Marcos in the new few weeks and trying to piece together a new home (gotta find some furniture) for me and Scout!

Although I am definitely not looking forward to super-long-distance after 9 months of long distance, I am looking forward to familiarizing myself with “San Marvelous” and establishing some of my own friendships there this summer. I also have grand plans to learn to use my sewing machine and make a quilt, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

In the mean time, I’m wrapping up my life here as an Aggie in College Station. It’s been a good two years, but I guess now it’s time to trade in my “Gig ’em, Ags!” for an “Eat ’em up, Cats!”

Fun fact: Texas State’s colors are maroon and gold. Mizzou + A&M, anyone??


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