I’m on a blogging roll! I think I may be a certifiable binge-blogger… nothing for WEEKS, then BAM! Four posts in five days!

Anyway, last week was my 24th birthday. I figured I needed to blog about it because I blogged about 23 and 22. I really can’t believe I’m 24. I’m officially in my mid-20s. It’s weird that I am anywhere from two to six years older than most college athletes. I am one year away from being a quarter-of-a-century old! But I don’t really feel depressed or old or anything. Part of this might be because I shared my birthday week with my now-28-year-old boyfriend. Nothing like a little perspective to make you feel young and spry! 😉

The Monday of my birthday week my roommates threw together a small surprise part with about 5 of my friends, which was really sweet. Thursday, on my actual birthday, my roommate Megan took me to Chuy’s for apps and happy hour margs. Overall, it was a simple birthday!


Birthday Tex-Mex with Megan!

But because Greg’s birthday is three days before mine, we celebrated with a sickeningly adorable joint birthday party in San Marcos this weekend.


Lighting the candles on our shared cake! He lit my pink candles, and I lit his blue candles because everyone knows you can’t light your own birthday candles.


Happy joint birthday! It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the pink and blue candles spelled out both “24” and “28” because I am super clever.

We had a bunch of friends from Greg’s church over for cake (that recipe pretty much, just minus the cream cheese in the icing), food, games, and then we watched Brave because Greg associates me with blazingly ginger heroines. How sweet!

Greg got me a Texas State T-shirt (Eat ’em up, Bobcats!) and an ADORABLE kitty coin bank from Japan, which is slightly broken now due to some party guests wanting to see if the kitty would take chips and toothpicks as well as spare change… And now Greg’s ordering me a new one, haha.

I got Greg the card game Bang! and five Bill Cosby CDs because he loves Bill Cosby. I also made him a jar with date ideas for our summer in Colorado.

Not my photo, but it’s the same concept. I colored coded the sticks for various types of dates (day trips, things in Estes Park, things on the Y grounds, hikes, etc.)

Overall, it was a really fun birthday that I did not mind sharing at all. Hopefully there will be more shared birthday week events in years to come!

Greg sporting the Mizzou T I mentioned in my spring break post at our party. Doesn't he look great in black and gold?? Go Tigers!

Greg sporting the Mizzou T-shirt I mentioned in my spring break post at our party. Doesn’t he look great in black and gold?? Go Tigers!


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