Meet Scout

So as you’ve noticed, I’ve been bad at blogging this year. I haven’t even introduced you to the newest addition to my life! And she’s been in my life for 7 months!

Meet Scout.


Oh hey there, guys. I’m just chillin’, waiting for the roomies to get home.

I’ve always been a cat person even back to the days of Beanie Babies when my sister collected the dogs and I collected the cats. We had a few cats growing up, but they always ended up behaving badly and peeing on things (and on my mom) and then getting banned from our house.


Dominating a Jayhawk like a good Tiger.

Despite these previous cat fiascos, my longing for a cat grew each year after I moved away from home for college. Finally, this year the stars aligned with my roommates and my apartment and my paychecks and I made the leap!


Look how adorable I am with my heart-shaped nose!

Scout is the best. cat. ever.
She is SO chill! She’s the perfect mix of goofy and entertaining and snuggly and loving. She’s not standoffish at all. #catwin


I’ve won over even the staunchest of dog-lovers. (aka even Lindsay’s cat-hating sister loves snuggling with me.)

I came across Scout as I was searching for orange kittens (my dream cat) on Craigslist. A girl who fosters cats who had some orange kittens asked me if I was interested in a certain type of cat. When I said all I wanted was a young, snuggly cat with orange-ish coloring, she introduced me to “Peaches.” She was only 3 months old at the time, but she had lost that TINYKITTENSOADORABLEAHHHH aspect, and the girl was having a hard time placing her in a home. I decided she was purrrrrfect (ha!), even if she was more creamsicle than true ginger-orange.


I am the queen of this house.

Scout enjoys…

— sleeping on me after I refuse to get up and feed her at 6 a.m.
— spooning with, scratching on, and tearing apart her cardboard scratching mat
— carrying around her mouse on a string
— greeting me and my roommates at the door like a dog (so cute)
— tearing up our blinds (my one complaint) so she can see outside and people watch
— basking in sunbeams
— snuggling with me and my laptop


Helping Lindsay do homework.

She’s my favorite kitty baby, my Scoutypants!




2 thoughts on “Meet Scout

  1. Sometimes I feel Cobalt is preparing me for life with children. I don’t know if Scout is appropriately setting your expectations.

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