Why campus ministry

Friday I was listening to a podcast from Texas A&M’s Breakaway‘s GO!Missions conference last fall. Louie Giglio spoke, and I basically started crying in my car because he talked about exactly why I am so passionate about reaching college students with the good news of Christ. I transcribed parts of his talk below:

“I accidentally got involved with college students. That wasn’t my life plan. Thank you, Lord, for the last 30-year detour. And I’m so glad he did. And early on in understanding that’s what God was putting in my life, I’m up at Baylor, living, working with Baylor kids, hanging out with Baylor students in the flow of that campus, day after day after day. Ten years of that. And I started talking to pastors in Waco, Texas, and it was so interesting because I never planned to be a college pastor. I never planned to be in campus ministry.

“And I talked to pastors, and they looked at me like I was from a foreign planet, Ben. And they’d be like, and this was back in the day, like old school, and they’d say, ‘I don’t know why you want to invest in college students. You know, they don’t tithe…’

“But they say, ‘They don’t tithe, commit, they don’t serve, they’re flighty. They go to this church one semester, and then another church the next semester. And the next year it’s another church that’s a cool church, and they all go to that church. And then the next year some other cool guy comes into town and that church is cooler than that church and they all go to that church.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know any college students who have ever done anything like that.’ That was a joke.

(Lindsay’s commentary: So true, Louie, so true.)

“So he says, ‘I don’t know why you do want to invest in them.’ And I said, ‘I’ll tell you one main reason: they’re all going somewhere. And you get free exportation of whatever God’s put on your heart. Because whatever you pour into them, they’re gonna carry for free for you wherever they go. And you know where they’re going? Hello!’ Where are you going? Eve-ry-where.

“Who planning on going into government? Who wants to go into government? How many of you are going into business? Show of hands. Anybody? How many of you feel like you want to go into the arts and culture? Filmmaking, sculpture, writing. Anyone? Anybody here? Any A&M people? Not too many creatives at A&M apparently. How many of you want to go into veterinary medicine? I’ll try to get a little closer. Awesome. How many of you want to go into education? How many of you want to go into higher education? How many of you want to go into lower education? How many of you will take any education where they hire you and pay you? How many of you feel like you want to go to a big city? How many of you feel like you’re a small town person? How many of you feel like you want to be linked into the church? How many of you want to work, or serve, or plant your life outside of Texas? How many of you feel like God’s not outside of Texas so why would I want to leave Texas? How many of you feel like you might go to another country? We could go on all night.

“It will blow you mind if we could fast forward and see where we all end up. You are on your way. So the GO!Missions thing, we could just chop the ‘GO!’ part off because you’re already going. That’s done. So we don’t need any more of that. We’re done. So we solved that part already. No one has to sign up to go tonight. Isn’t that great? We’ll take breath of fresh air. ‘Oh thank goodness, I already am going.’ You’re already going. No one stays here. 

“So if you fall in love with Jesus, and you’re already going somewhere, then GO!Missions is accomplished.”

Y’all. If we can just reveal the awesome magnitude of Christ’s love and the desperate need for everyone to know the Lord to college students, then we can reach. the. world. Because they’re going! These college students are already going, and they can take the good news of Christ with them.

Hashtag boom.

This is why I’m devoting my life to this.


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