The choice is yours

I’ve been thinking a lot about choices and how I spend my time lately.

I’m going out to Colorado this summer, and guys, I am out of shape. Like real bad. And I don’t want to be out there in the mountains gasping for every breath on the walk to the dining hall. It’s just pathetic. But unless I make time to work out here in Texas before May, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Because you don’t get in shape by thinking about it or hoping it will happen.

Just like you probably won’t finish your homework or studying or reading by wishing it was over. And I won’t raise $8000 to pay for my summer internship by fretting about it. And we won’t develop an intimate relationship with the Lord just by complaining that our relationship with the Lord sucks.

We all have choices to make. We have to stop thinking and wishing and hoping and complaining and worrying and fretting and do something.** We have to make a choice about how to spend our time.

You can choose to hit the snooze button, or you can choose to wake up in time to be in the word.
You can choose to swing by the bank on the way home from work, or you can choose to walk across campus to the bank in the student center and get a little exercise in.
You can choose to go home to a distracting apartment and forget that you need to make follow-up phone calls for support raising, or you can head to the office and get down to business.
You can choose to avoid your homework by checking Twitter every five minutes, or you can go to the local coffee shop and knock it all out.

Doing hard things is about making touch choices about where your priorities lie. It’s amazing that I claim I don’t have time to work out, but if someone special calls, regardless of what I’m in the middle of, I find an hour to talk to him on the phone.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is… I have to take responsibility for my time and my choices. “I’m busy” is true. But it’s not a real excuse. The real excuse is, “I can’t do this because it’s just not as much of a priority as other things in my life.” And sometimes that’s really tough to admit. But if you think about it, it’s the truth.

Sometimes it really just is a tough decision. “I don’t have time to play in the worship band this week” is really “I am choosing to place homegroup events, my relationship with my boyfriend, support raising, homework, and a friend’s bridal shower above playing in the worship band.” Placing worship practice below those other priorities isn’t bad, it’s just a decision I had to make last weekend. And it was hard because I really love playing on the worship team! But if I’m honest, I don’t value it enough to consistently place it above my homegroup and boyfriend and schoolwork. Do I choose worship over those things sometimes? Yes. But not always. This past weekend I made a different choice based on what was important to me that weekend.

Sometimes it’s convicting. “I don’t have time to read my Bible every day” is really “I’d rather watch TV.” Ouch. That’s hard to hear. But I can’t really deny it.

I guess I would just say, what are my choices saying about me and what is important to me? Again, I’m not saying all my choices are bad, I’m just saying that they tell other people about what I value.

So here’s my challenge. What do your choices about your time say about you right now?

Make a choice. Own it. Be responsible for it.

**Do not mistake me for saying “don’t pray about something, do something.” Prayer, in my opinion, is “doing something.” But God also calls us to physically do things like “make disciples,” so sometimes we’re supposed to do more than just pray.


3 thoughts on “The choice is yours

  1. Well said. Dad was just talking about this last week, how FB and other things are distracting him from his goals. It is very true for all of us, I think.

  2. I’ve started believing and professing to others that I believe so much of what you wrote here. Everyone is busy. When’s the last time you heard someone say, “Man, I just have nothing to do! Will you give me some more work to do, because I am not busy at all.” The question is, what are you busy doing, and are you okay with that?

    Love this most recent layout!

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