Drinking from a fire hose

Hello blog friends! I am writing to invite you to join me in a crazy, crazy challenge.

Starting Saturday, December 1, I will be attempting to read the entire Bible in 90 days. (Also known as B90X) Crazy, right? It’s like 12 pages a day, which people claim takes 30 minutes to an hour to read. That’s a lot of Bible in a short time. But I am super excited to get started.

I felt convicted to try this out a few weeks ago when I was convicted to rejoice in the Lord and our salvation more by being more in the Word. I was convicted again this last week when I read Psalm 119, which is the longest Psalm, and it’s all about how awesome God’s word is.

A few people have asked me, why 90 days? Will I really get to meditate on God’s word if I am reading so much each day? I think that is a great question. I agree — it will be challenging to suck every bit of wisdom when you’re reading so much, but I think the Lord will bless each day’s reading with some nugget of revelation and help us see an overview of the Lord’s character and his love story with us. I kind of see it like drinking from a fire hose… yes, we’re not going to swallow all of it, but it will be overwhelmingly refreshing! Additionally, here is a cool answer from the website that I think really speaks to my attitude:
Why 90 days?
Because most people can wrap their minds around doing something for 90 days. Imagine giving a person a choice to diet for three months… or twelve. Which is more likely to succeed?
From day one, the end is in sight. This becomes important AT SOME POINT for each participant. The reading IS a challenge, though most participants tell us it is a manageable challenge. And the payoff more than compensates.
I am excited to start this plan as winter break begins because I will have more free time to read and possible even “get ahead” for January and February when classes begin again.
Would you please prayerfully consider joining me and a few others on this journey? I am making a Facebook group where we can post how it’s going and what the Lord is teaching us as we go.
Below is the reading plan PDF, but you can also find it on the website here. Additionally, the plan is built into the YouVersion smart phone app’s reading plans, so if you want to read there, it’s all set for you!
Leave a comment below if you’re interested or request to join the Facebook group so we can support one another! Additionally I hope to post some updates here to the blog, but I haven’t been the best at blogging the past few months, so no guarantees!

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