RIP Bike

Bike was a well-loved and respected member of Lindsay and Katie’s Two Woman Bike Gang.

Bike has passed away.

Sometime between Saturday, July 21 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, July 22 at 9:45 a.m., Bike’s wheels and seat were taken from him by force from the University Apartment’s bike rack. His frame was laid to rest outside the Willamette Bike Shop on Monday, July 23 at 9 a.m.

Warning: this post contains graphic images from a bike attack.

Bike was a faithful and loving bike. He was gentle and patient with his temporary owner, Lindsay, as she relearned to ride this summer and gained confidence in her new hobby. After nearly three weeks of trying to find the right bike at the start of the summer, in the end, Lindsay and Bike had barely more than four weeks together. But it was a beautiful month of many adventures. Bike and Lindsay often went on outings together with Lindsay’s friend Katie and her bike. They traveled across central Salem to various coffee shops, bible studies, Redbox deliveries, and breakfast dates. Bike and Lindsay even took a trip to Safeway and back, together managing the load of a week’s worth of groceries. Lindsay and Bike had made plans to go to church together for the first time this past weekend before Bike was brutally attacked and stripped of his vital organs.

Lindsay and Bike had planned to be separated in two weeks, but they had made many plans to make the most of the last days together. Lindsay and Bike’s last outing was a beautiful afternoon ride around the Willamette campus and to Salem’s McDonald’s for an afternoon treat. Bike impacted Lindsay’s summer in a way she will never forget. Without Bike, Lindsay would not have conquered her fear of all bikes. Lindsay plans to one day own a bike in honor of Bike.

Donations for Lindsay’s new bike fund will be accepted in lieu of flowers. Please feel free to comment and leave your favorite memories of Bike.


3 thoughts on “RIP Bike

  1. This is super sad, but what a cute obituary! You should keep an eye out on Craig’s
    List…many more good bikes out there!

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