This is why I am excited to live with Kristina Carter in the fall

The following text message conversation is one of many reasons why I am pumped to live with my new roomie Kristina in the fall. And by fall, I mean our lease starts in 2 weeks. Whaaattttt?

July 9
Me: Skype date soon?
Kristina: Dude… yes. Are you free mornings or evenings more?
Me: Evenings. Also I am an hour behind you. Usually I’m good after 4:30 M-TH and after 1 on Fridays Pacific time.

July 13 (4 days later)
Kristina: 4 days later… what about monday eveningish? 8 your time?
Me: I have small group on Mondays 😦
Kristina: Ahh!! Let me get back to you after I can check my schedule. I’ll text you back in like 3 years, cool? Cool.
Me: Sweet. Look forward to hear from you on whatever is the hip way of communicating in 2015

July 17 (4 days later)
Kristina: This Friday evening? Or next Wednesday afternoon?
Me: Is it 2015 already? I can do Friday! After 5:30 your time. Next Wed is fine too! After 5:30 again.

July 19 (2 days later)
Kristina: Time flies dude. You will actually get the same message in about two days from a carrier pigeon. That breathes fire. Also the message will be in the form of a hologram. And it will say let’s skype Wednesday, 6:15? 2015 is going to rock!


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