Willamette Wednesday: The countdown begins

First off, let me give you an update and start by saying that SUMMER HAS ARRIVED IN OREGON. Thank God. Literally. If I had gotten off that plane after spending the weekend in Texas and it had been cold and cloudy still… You could have called me Jack Shephard. (You bet I’m jumping on the gif train.)


That being said, here’s what’s been up in my neck(s) (Oregon & Texas!) of the wood the past week.

Less than a month to go!
It’s bittersweet to know I only have 18 days of work left as of today.  While I have immensely enjoyed Willamette and the Student Involvement team, in many ways I’m ready to get back to A&M. I’m ready to transition into yet another new position (two if you count my practicum hours in Student Government this fall), unpack my room of black trash bags, and catch up with my friends. I am NOT, however, ready to get back into grad school pace. This lazy summer of almost no responsibilities has been amazing, and one glance of what my life was like last spring according to my Google calendar makes me want to cry. Prayers for a different type of year than Grad School Year 1 would be much appreciated!

The nightmare that was last semester. (Times are off my two hours since my Google calendar is now set in Pacific time.)

But until Grad School Year 2 starts, I still have a lot of work to do here in Oregon! Yesterday I conducted my first focus group, and I still have two other large projects, and a student-run program to advise over the next 3.5 weeks. I know it will go quickly with all I have to do!

I’ve been “busy” (but not really)
The past few weeks have felt a little busier than normal for a few reasons, so I haven’t had as much “free time.”
1. It’s been awful weather, so I hadn’t spent as much time lounging in parks reading in my hammock of lazily exploring downtown Salem. 2. I’ve started to try to exercise more regularly and have started to attend a Bible study and community group regularly, which takes away from that unstructured free time I was relishing in during my first few weeks here. 3. I went home to Texas for my cousin’s wedding! This meant I spent several days prepping, whether that be from designing her wedding program, buying an appropriate dress, doing laundry, packing, or traveling.

The programs I designed for my cousin’s wedding.

Even though it’s been “busy,” it’s still been good. Going back to Texas was wonderful, even though it was exhausting. I intend to write an entire blog post about that experience, but I’ll give you a preview: Nonna was around her 100-person family for four days straight. Also she ate a lot of barbeque.

My brother and sister at the wedding.

Now that’s I’m back in Salem, I’m hoping these final weeks consist of a second round of many Skype/phone dates, more reading in my hammock now that’s it’s warmed up, more bike rides now that I’m more confident (I rode to Safeway and back Monday with a bunch of groceries, including a gallon of milk and a 6-pack of local apricot ale! That was a balancing act… And then last I rode to that coffee shop I mentioned last week! Mission accomplished!), and some final Oregonian adventures before the other interns leave. I think we’re aiming for a trip to Portland and some berry-picking this weekend.

Other notable but random tidbits
Two weeks ago I got sick of Felicity‘s inability to pick a guy to like AND the fact that the show only ever talks about relationships, and decided to take a break after finishing the second season. (This is why Voyager was great! Adventure and cool story-lines UNRELATED TO DATING. With a sprinkling of romance to keep it interesting occasionally.) I have since turned to Firefly, which took me a few episodes to get into, but I’m fairly enjoying for now. I might start Friday Night Lights next, though, so I can fit in with my SAAHE classmates who all watch it.

I’ve been getting into a lot of new music lately! My new interests include: Bon Iver, The Civil Wars, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Ellie Goulding, Fleet Foxes, Florence + The Machine, Gatlin Elms, Gavin DeGraw, Imagine Dragons, Jenny & Tyler, Katie Herzig, Mumford & Sons, NEEDTOBREATHE, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Vampire Weekend, and Walk the Moon. Any others I should start listening to

If you want to send me mail, I would not be opposed! My friend Cherise and I have been exchanging letters all summer, and it’s been super fun! You can address your notes to:

Lindsay Cochrum
Office of Student Activities
900 State St.
Salem, OR 97301

I left my Kindle on the plane ride to Texas. BUT NEVER FEAR! It was returned to me thanks to Southwest Airlines. I’ve been meaning to write a post on how much I love my Kindle (I was such a skeptic before I got mine…), and this separation might be just the impetus I require to finally record my love on paper the internet.

In case you ever wanted to live your late-90s/early 2000s Christian childhood and listen to PlusOne (the Christian N*SYNC) or Point of Grace, you can do that on Spotify. You know, in case anyone was wondering.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now! Hopefully I’ll have so more fun posts later this week and next!


4 thoughts on “Willamette Wednesday: The countdown begins

  1. So many comments I thought of while reading this. Here goes:
    1. I love that you schedule quiet time for yourself! That’s a great idea.
    2. Every time I read about your hammock, I really want to go buy one. So jealous.
    3. Yes yes start FNL!!! You will love it. Although the plot is heavily relationship-centered, so be warned!
    4. LOVE Southwest. So glad you got your Kindle back. 🙂

    • 1. It IS a great idea, and it works some of the time, but also I sleep through it a lot… whoops. But in theory, a great idea! 2. You should get one. It’s probably the best thing I’ve purchased in the past year. Tied with the Kindle. lol 3. Noted. 4. I am the biggest Southwest fangirl.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Firefly! I was actually kind of disappointed when I made it through the series and the Serenity movie, but it was such an epic ride that it was totally worth it.

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