Willamette Wednesday: Actually it’s Tuesday

I’m mixing it up this week, y’all. Tomorrow I will be somewhere between Salem, Oregon, and Arlington, Texas, all day (Way to spend the 4th right? Woo traveling!), plus it’s the 4th of July, so I thought I would post my weekly update on Tuesday instead!

4 weeks down, 5 to go
Things in Oregon are still going well, but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention my mid-summer hump I’ve hit. As you might have read yesterday, I’m a wee bit homesick College-Station-sick(?). I miss my friends, I miss my roommates, I miss my bed with sheets that stay on the mattress (mine here fall off every night, though I don’t miss my bed bug infested mattress). I miss playing music with other people. I also miss the sunshine. And having a car. (Lucyyyy, I miss youuuuu.)

Don’t get my wrong; Oregon is wonderful. I wouldn’t exchange this experience for anything, and it’s taught me so much. Plus where else am I going to experience a Tandem Bike Rally. (I feel like that’s something that would happen in Stars Hollow…) I’m just gettin’ real with y’all and telling you I’m not this 100% fearless, independent woman. I miss Texas sometimes, too. That being said, it will be nice to visit Arlington for a few days later this week for my cousin’s wedding! I won’t see any A&Mers, but I will get a healthy dose of my Frazier fam, which is always great.

Work has been more of the same, though I did go to an nearly-all-day assessment “workshop” on Thursday and got this rockin’ nametag which pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing job-wise all summer.

Too bad they misspelled Willamette… (As they say here, it’s Willamette, dammit!)

Free Time
This weekend was full of Oregonian activities including a Saturday winery tour and wine tasting at the Willamette Valley Vineyard and a Sunday afternoon at Salem’s local multicultural festival, World Beat. World Beat made me miss Italy and all the international friends we made there. It also made me wish I had made a bigger effort to get to know the international students when I worked at the Y and that I had time to work with Fellowship’s English Conversation Clubs back at A&M. Maybe God’s placing international students on my heart, and I should look for an internship in the International Student Services office. Who knows…

Wine tasting at Willamette Valley Vineyards

ALSO I’ve been taking advantage of my bike! And I haven’t died. I’ll be honest; I haven’t ridden in the streets much. I know it’s polite and all, but it technically isn’t illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalks in most of Salem, so I tend to stay out of the way of cars and take the sidewalk when I can. Plus I get off and walk it if there are a lot of pedestrians. I rode 10 blocks to breakfast on Friday morning and have ridden to two coffee shops, too! My next goal is to ride to the really cool coffee shop that’s further than I’ve been before… it’s like 15 blocks away. I have high aspirations y’all.

Jesus Talk
Spiritually, this summer has been interesting. While it’s been an incredible time of rest and rejuvenation, I’ve still been longing for spiritual more intimacy, and to some extent, growth and challenge. (Am I weird for not being content to just have a summer of spiritual rest? Maybe I’m weird… of maybe it’s holy discontentment…) Some of my quiet times have been dry and discouraging, and although I know the Lord is here with me, he doesn’t feel as close. I can’t hear him as clearly. Or maybe I’m just not listening well. It’s probably that. Well, regardless, I’ve started a reading plan through the YouVersion app on my phone in conjunction with #SheReadsTruth, which has already delivered some nuggets of awesomeness. I also caved and bought Jesus Calling after hearing so many good things about it, and it definitely delivered some blows of truth from day one! It’s been good for me to get into the Word a little bit and chew on some truths before I even get out of bed in the morning.

(Side notes:
1. It is scary how easy it is to buy books on my Kindle. I hardly even thought about buying
Jesus Calling before I had clicked “okay,” purchased it for $7.50, and had it wirelessly delivered to my device in a coffee shop. I mean, that’s not that much, but it’s just way too easy to spend money on that thing! I gotta be careful about that haha.

2. I just found out you can get a Jesus Calling app for $10. I have actually just been reading my Kindle edition on my phone’s Kindle app… but the actual Jesus Calling app looks like it has so cool features, so maybe it’s worth the extra $2.50.)

Anyway, I think that’s all that’s been up over the last week. Next week I will have been to Texas and back with news of my cousin’s wedding! Stay tuned for more adventures of Lindsay.


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