My not-so-secret Trekkie life

The main cast of Voyager, minus Kes. What’s the general consensus? Kes or Seven?

So if you don’t follow my tweets, you might not know that I was on a journey to watch all seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager this past semester. I finished up a little over a week ago several weeks ago, though. It was bittersweet.

In all reality, I’m not a Trekkie… but I did enjoy Voyager! See, Voyager has a special place in my heart. My parents used to watch it when I was young (1995-2001… man I’m on a ’90s/Millennial kick), so rewatching it (slash probably watching many episodes for the first time) was a quaint little trip down memory lane for me.

I loved watching Harry & Tom’s bromance in holodeck adventures. I got to see Seven of Nine’s** transformation from Borg to human again. I laughed along with the Doctor’s sarcastic heckling. I admired Janeway’s command of the ship and her awesome elegant long hair in the first few seasons. I liked sassy young Kes. I smiled with Neelix’s care for Naomi Wildman (Naomi Wildman, state your purpose!).

And I had all these grand plans to write some posts over the course of the last semester about how Captain Janeway is a prime example of good leadership, and how Harry Kim deserves a promotion from ensign, among other deeply profound reflections on this TV show… but now that I’ve finished and moved on to Felicity, it seems silly. (It was always silly… I realize this. But just go with me on this.)

Anyway. It’s a great show. And you can watch it on Netflix. Do it.

Live long and prosper.

**Fun fact: My first email address/AOL Instant Messenger screen name back in 2000ish was CourtChick1of4 after Seven of Nine. (I played basketball and volleyball on a court, I was a “chick”, and I was the oldest of four children.) No shame. My mom suggested it, but I totally went with it.

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