Willamette Wedesday: To the coast and back

It’s time for another Willamette Wednesday update!

Work is picking up, which means a spent a lot of last week writing learning outcomes. This week I’m starting to write some assessments and gearing up on some other projects, such as facilitating a focus group for the Willamette career center, advising one of the students on an Opening Days orientation program, and helping do another assessment for some student organizations. I’m feeling more and more like a part of the Willamette staff and appreciate my supervisor’s and coworker’s diligence in making sure I have a really great professional experience.

Free Time
More of the glorious, glorious same. I’m making excellent progress on Megan’s summer reading challenge, having earned 75 of my 200 points. I’ve written a good number of letters, and in the past week I’ve had 15 phone/Skype conversations with friends and family members. What a huge blessing to my heart! I’ve also played guitar (despite some writers block when I tried to write a song Monday night), and finished the entire first season of Felicity. Plus I went on a run on Monday, which was the first time in… God knows how long, that I actually made time to exercise. I’m feeling the burn but in a good, I’m-actually-trying-to-be-healthy way.

Skyping my friend John who is a missionary in Africa. It was late there, so I couldn’t really see his face — just the silhouette of his beard. We turned off the video after a few minutes since it was pretty pointless!

This past weekend, my intern friend Katie and I took a trip to the Oregon beach coast with one of the newly hired area coordinators (Willamette ResLife’s term for hall coordinators/directors). It was a really pleasant Saturday of fresh ocean air, some sea food, and lying out on the beach without sweating profusely. God bless the Oregon weather!

The Oregon coast in Lincoln City

Janae and Katie on the beach in Newport

I still don’t have a bike, but whatevs.

I was just thinking tonight how blessed I feel to have already made some good friends here in Salem. Two girls from my summer church have offered to drive me to church and community group. I just went and had a Bible study with another group of girls. I love having the other interns around. Tomorrow I’m going to have a sushi dinner with some more ladies from church. I am not lacking for companionship here!

Things continue to go swimmingly up here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve got a few tasky things that have started, such as reading for my online discussion class, reading for my small group summer book club, designing the program for my cousin’s wedding, etc., so it might be nice to have a weekend just chilling in Salem, but as of right now, who knows what I’ll be up to on Saturday! Each week has brought fun new adventures.

Stay tuned until next week! In the mean time, I’ve been super good about blogging over the past week; check out some other good posts!


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