Milan Monday: 2 weeks to go!

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Well, we’re in the home stretch! Less than 2 weeks to go until I’m in Milan. Crazy.

I recently found out I will be leading worship half of the time we’re in Italy for our daily “homegroup” times with the team. The other half of the time my teammate Karla will be leading.

It’s crazy to think about how far God has taken me through worship in the past year. I remember one of the last few canvas groups I planned last spring, I lead worship because Amanda couldn’t. I was so incredibly nervous. My fingers were stiff around my guitar and my voice shook. I was steadier at home in my apartment alone, but playing in front of 20 of my closest friends was nerve-wracking.

Then I came to College Station, and, well… summer homegroup worship was… less than stellar. It’s hard in the summer when people who normal do things like lead worship go out-of-town. So God slowly worked on my heart until I felt comfortable leading one week when a lot of people were out-of-town (ha!). Since then, the Lord has given me a lot of sweet times of worship on my own, and I’ve led for homegroup several times. God has also placed a desire to worship through viola on my heart, so this semester I started playing with one of the worship teams on Sunday mornings.

My progress musically this year is really astounding. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable playing and singing in front of others if it weren’t for my desire to praise God and the courage of the Holy Spirit in my heart. Thank you, Father!

So on that note (tehe), I have a prayer request! Please pray for fruitful and blessed “homegroup” times in Milan with our little team-family of 9. Pray for Spirit-led worship for Karla and me. Also please continue to pray for team unity, safe travels, and for the Italians and international students we’ll be meeting and interacting with on the trip. Just a few more days to go!

How you can get involved:

  • Prayer: I will have weekly prayer updates here on the blog. Please join me in prepping our team and the people we will meet in Milan through intercessory prayer.
  • Milan Monday: I will be posting weekly updates on our team’s preparation for Italy on Mondays throughout the rest of the semester. Check back here each Monday to stay updated!
  • Subscribe: Even easier than checking back each week, you can get all posts to Lindsay in Progress in your inbox! All you need to do it subscribe to my blog. This will send you email updates every time I post here. I’m not sure if that link works, so try it out and let me know if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, you can hit the subscribe button on the right sidebar.

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