I celebrated my birthday with my family and our traditional Chocolate Birthday Cake last week while I was home for spring break. (Spring break... that's still so "college.")

Today I am 23 years old.
It feels surreal.

I am older than most college athletes. I am the same age my mom was when she got married. I have long passed the legal drinking age. Were it not for grad school, I’d be well into my first year of “adulthood” (defined by a post-bachelor’s-degree job). I am older than Taylor Swift, but younger than Adele (not by much, though).

I feel like I’m in a silly middle place between college and “real life.” I spend all of my time in school (college) or at work (at a college) or with my roommates (3 of whom are in college) or with my homegroup (through a college ministry.) Yet I am beyond college. I am “old.”

But yet I am young. 23 is young. 23 is early 20s. Is twenty-something.

I apologize for this post’s randomness. I just don’t know exactly what to say about 23. Like  said last year, there aren’t too many big birthday milestones after 21.

I also don’t really have anything planned. For some reason I have lost the excitement for big birthday shenanigans of ages prior. No skating parties of Minnesotan road trips or first drinks for this girl. Just my, myself, and my 23 years of experience to look back on.

I have to say it hasn’t been too bad…


3 thoughts on “23

  1. I’ll be 23 in 22 days, and I feel the same way. It really is strange – this in between. Half of my friends have “grown up jobs” and the other half are still in school (college or grad/professional school). But, most of my activities are “college-like”, being that most of my closest friends are from homegroup…all of whom are IN COLLEGE (except Sharon and the two other grad. students). I guess it helps a little that my roommates are grad. students, but they’re just as “young-old”…although I often feel like they’re so much older – it seems to me like they’re doing so much more than I am… I still feel very young, but not young at the same time. Compared to the 10 or so freshman in my homegroup, I’m so very old… ha! It’s a strange, but sort-of fun place to be. I’m told to enjoy it (it goes by fast – and it really is…going by so fast), so I shall! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

    (Sorry for rambling, but basically: I agree)

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