Spring has sprung

I never thought I would like highways so much until last week.

You see, it’s been five years since I’ve been in Texas during the spring. (Well, for more than a week at a time…) And I kinda forgot what Texas spring is like.

I’ve missed bluebonnets for years, but I forgot about the rainbows of other wildflowers the blanket the roadsides in Texas. It’s breathtaking.

I’m a loser and didn’t take any photos over spring break even though drove from College Station to Arlington to Austin and back to College station, and I saw hundreds of awesome fields full or red clover blossoms, orange Indian paintbrushes, purple winecups, yellow black-eyed susans and, of course, bluebonnets, so you’ll have to take it at my word and at Google Image Search’s results.

I have been a huge fan of Missouri springs and proclaiming their superiority over the past four years, but I have to say, Texas highways are giving the Mizzou campus a run for its money this March. Especially since it never seemed to really hit true spring temperatures last year

(Sam Fiek, you would love it here.)


3 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. I love it too! But…it only lasts for a month (maybe 2, if we’re lucky). So, better enjoy it while it lasts! Go take some pictures! 🙂

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