Milan Monday: Less than two months to go

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As of last week, we have passed the two-month mark until we leave for Milan! I cannot believe the semester is going by so quickly. I still have seven weeks of classwork until my final assignments are due, but I know they will fly by in a flash.

Support raising is going super well. The Lord has been so faithful to provide financially. I am just under $100 from reaching my goal! I have been so blessed to have such a generous family and group of friends who are willing to support me.

It’s also been a huge blessing to have people willing to join my prayer team (ask if you would like to be added)! I am so excited to know all of these people will be interceding for our team as we prepare for Italy and after we arrive.

I don’t have too much to say this week. My brain is still in catch-up mode from spring break (post on that hopefully later this week!). We had a team meeting two weeks ago to discuss Italian culture, and here are some numbers we were given:

Note: I do not know where these numbers came from precisely, but we were told they’re pretty accurate from people’s past experiences in this particular mission field.

20% of Italians say…

  • I believe in God.
  •  I try to go to Catholic church regularly.
  • I think the Bible is a good book, but you cannot and should not take it literally.
  • Jesus was a good moral teacher, but I’m not sure about the miraculous stuff he did.
  • The way God accepts people into heaven is based on their good works.
  • I try to live a good moral life, so God will surely accept me into heaven when I die.
  • I sometimes read the Bible, but I really do not understand it.

80% of Italians say…

  • I doubt there is a God.
  • You could probably best classify me as an atheist.
  • I am pretty upset at the Catholic church and really want nothing to do with it.
  • My family life was pretty bad.
  • Truth is pretty much whatever you want it to be.
  • The Bible is totally irrelevant to me. It’s a book of myths and tales.

100%  of Italians say…

  • Sex is perfectly fine reghardless of your marital status.
  • Studying is very important to me, so it is sometimes difficult for me to get involved in other things (like small groups of English clubs  — my interpretation).
  • I am pretty suspicious of religious people who try to push their beliefs on me or others.
  • What’s important to me is my friends, but I really lack a close relationship with them.
  • When I have a boyfriend or girlfriend, most of my other activities are neglected.

Lots of things to think and pray about as we prepare for out trip! Lots of lies about God’s grace and a lot of unfulfilled places in people’s hearts.

Prayer Requests & Updates (for the Italy team and my support team):

  • Pray for the Lord to continue to provide with support raising for all our teammates as the deadline approaches in less than a month. Especially for team members Karla and Victor, who are raising money from their homes in East Asia and Mexico.
  • Pray for team unity as we prepare to “do life together” 24/7 for two weeks.
  • Pray our team can understand Italian culture and learn to adapt to their ways of life (flexible schedules, importance of listening skills, etc.)
  • Pray for the church in Italy, that they may be strengthened and filled to pour out to the students in Milan

Support Progress:

  • $2470 out of $2550 (96.9%)
  • 51+ people have joined my prayer and finance support team (and that’s not even counting the people who don’t have Facebook!)

Until next week, ciao!

How you can get involved:
  • Finances: Contact me if you are interested in giving financially! Every bit helps. If I were to send out letters to all the people I brainstormed to ask, it would only take $10-$15 per person to raise what I need to go.
  • Prayer: I will have weekly prayer updates here on the blog and will be posting updates to a Facebook group. Please join me in prepping our team and the people we will meet in Milan through intercessory prayer.
  • Subscribe: To receive weekly updates on prayer requests and other info, you can subscribe to my blog! This will send you email updates every time I post. I’m not sure if that link works, so try it out and let me know if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, you can hit the subscribe button on the right sidebar.

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