Willamette Wednesday: It’s Wil – LAM – ette

This post is part of a weekly (?… maybe just when I have relevant things to post?) series about Willamette University, the school where I will be doing my internship this summer.

So one reason I didn’t feel like my original interview with Willamette went stupendously well is because as soon as the interview started, I found out instantly that I had been pronouncing the school’s name wrong for weeks.

In my head, it was Wil – la- METTE. But then…

“Hi Lindsay, this is Lisa from Wil – LAM – ette. Is now still a good time to talk?”
“Yes, ma’am! ” OH CRAP. I do NOT know how to say this school’s name.
*some sort of question about why I applied to work at Willamette*
“Well, Willa… your institution just seemed like a really good fit for me, etc…”

I spent the entire interview replacing Willamette with “your institution” as to not lose points for mispronunciation. It was probably unnecessary and no one would have cared, but that’s what happened.

Reminds me of the first time I met my friend Barclay. I had only seen his name online, so in my head, his name was “BAR – clay.” (Obviously no one would name their kid BARclay, but that was just my thought process.) When I finally met the kid I found out his name was “BARK – lee,” “like Charles… you know, the basketball player?”

So now you know: I am working at Wil – LAM – mette, not Wil – la – METTE.

PS: If you’re still having trouble hearing it, you can listen to a computer say it here.


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