Willamette Wednesday: And I’m going to Oregon!

This post is a part of  my weekly (?… maybe just when I have relevant things to post?) series about Willamette University, the school where I will be doing my internship this summer.

Because I interviewed at so many schools, I didn’t really have a specific ranking of schools I wanted to go to, but I did have tiers. Fortunately, Willamette was in the top tier! I got their offer at 11 a.m. on the dot on Monday, the first time any school could make contact. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the call because although I felt the interview went well, I hadn’t thought it had gone that well. I heard from two other schools that day that fell below Willamette in my tier system, so I graciously declined those pretty much instantly so they could ask their #2 candidates. I had a few other schools I wanted to wait on during my 24-hour decision period, but by Monday night, I felt pretty strongly that I would be spending my summer in Salem.

BUT THEN I got an email the next morning from another school offering me a position that I had really liked at one point but had ruled out due to an early start date that would keep me from going to Italy. I emailed the school back and told them that, only to have them graciously offer to push back the start date to accommodate my trip.

By the time that was sorted out, I had an hour to make a decision before I was supposed to get back to Willamette. It was a little agonizing. I texted some friends asking for prayer and just for fun asked for input via Twitter and Facebook. Some of my favorite responses included a text that read, “Oregon, hands down. Put a bird on it!” and on Facebook, just a video of Alicia Keyes and Jay-Z performing “Empire State of Mind.”


Both schools offered different experiences that would fill holes in my resume. Both were in neat places. Honestly, they were pretty evenly ranked if School #2 didn’t have a slight advantage.

Except that School #2 was safer. It really was. It was something I was a little more familiar with in a slightly more familiar place. But I don’t want this summer to be about safety. I want it to be about going outside my comfort zone and trying new things in new places! Even though School #2 came with a meal plan, twice the pay, and ample time to explore one of America’s most famous cities, my gut was telling me to go to Oregon.

So I called Willamette and accepted. And I. am. pumped.

This summer is shaping up to be one of the best/most influential summers of my life, and that’s saying a lot after 2009’s Missourian adventures and 2010’s LT growth. I’m a little scared to go off out of the country for the first time (Italy) I’m a little scared to move to Oregon, of all places, knowing no one and working in a job that will challenge me. But it’s going to be good, dangit.

Remember that mountain God gave me last semester? I think it might be Mt. Hood, the tallest mountain in Oregon, just to the west of Portland and Salem.

Mount Hood, elevation 11,249 ft.

Adventure is out there in the Pacific Northwest!


One thought on “Willamette Wednesday: And I’m going to Oregon!

  1. I am so proud of you. I know God has great things in store for you and I admire your courage to embrace life and its challenges! Love you so much!

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