Milan Monday (almost Tuesday): Support Raising

Apparently getting a post ready for a Monday is just difficult for me. You can read all of my Milan Monday posts here.

Support raising was the one thing that made me hesitant to apply for this Italy trip.

I’ve never really been excited about asking people for money. It’s kind of awkward. Especially when you’re going to Italy. I know, it sounds like I’m asking for money to go on vacation, but I promise I’m not. This trip will be hard work, and it will be physically, emotionally, and spiritually taxing. This isn’t a European pleasure trip. And as a grad student, I could not get this experience without some financial help.

But so far I’ve been incredibly blessed by the whole support raising process. I have been blessed to see money come from family and people who supported me through my childhood. My grandparents. Aunts and uncles. Sunday school teachers. The woman who taught me to play viola in 5th grade (which I now use to help lead worship in our homegroup and church). It’s been awesome to see my team come together and see how the Lord has provided through each person.

I sent out my letters on Wednesday, February 15. Ten days later, I am almost 44% of the way to my goal! Praise the Lord for his providence!

God’s been showing me how much he provides for me so much lately. It gives me hope. I know I don’t need to worry because the Lord will provide, not only in support raising, but in all areas of my life: a place to live and people to live with, a job in the future, a family to become my own. He’s got this. This is just another beautiful precedence the Lord has set for himself.

Prayer Requests & Updates (for the Italy team and my support team):

  • Pray for the Lord to continue to provide with support raising for all our teammates
  • Pray for the church in Italy, that they may be strengthened and filled to pour out to the students in Milan
  • Pray for team member Megan’s whose younger sister’s continued healing from her kidney problems
  • Pray for my cousin’s friend and her family. The father was killed in a car wreck recently.
  • Pray for a job for one of my uncles who has been out of work
  • Pray for my cousin-in-law as he continues to be a light for the Lord in his workplace

Support Progress:

  • $1110 out of $2550 (43.5%)
  • 5 families and 1 individual have joined my finances team!
  • 3 families and 1 individual have joined my prayer team!

Until next week, ciao!
(I will try to actually have a post written out before Monday actually rolls around, but I make no promises.)

How you can get involved:
  • Finances: Contact me if you are interested in giving financially! Every bit helps. If I were to send out letters to all the people I brainstormed to ask, it would only take $10-$15 per person to raise what I need to go.
  • Prayer: I will have weekly prayer updates here on the blog. Please join me in prepping our team and the people we will meet in Milan through intercessory prayer.
  • Subscribe: To receive weekly updates on prayer requests and other info, you can subscribe to my blog! This will send you email updates every time I post. I’m not sure if that link works, so try it out and let me know if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, you can hit the subscribe button on the right sidebar.

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