Lazy Saturday

Today I really should be spending all my time reading and writing about color-blind racism for my Multicultural Issues in Student Affairs class. But I’m not. Instead I’m…

1. Recovering from an awesome lock-in retreat for my fabulous AOLP students. I love them, but sleeping for approximately 3 hours on a love seat while listening to them go on about A&M debut in the SEC next year left me tuckered out! When I got home this morning, I slept from 7:30 until 1…

2011-2012 AOLP Execs
Execs and OLMs from the Blue Toad team skitting it up last night

2. Catching up on my John & Hank Green videos. These YouTube celebs make vlogs about random observations, but have also recently branched off into a few other YouTube channels about trivia, world history & biology, and general science. Watching them reminds me of my childhood days of Bill Nye on PBS. I just always feel smarter after a marathon of Green Brothers’ videos!

Plus these guys have awesome taste and lead you to great new internet discoveries, such as this mini-documentary about the Salton Sea in Califonia.

3. Watching some MU/ku hoops. It’s the final scheduled match-up between Mizzou and our rivals, Kansas. Go Tigers! (It was 44-32 at half time. Largest half-time deficit in 5 years at Kansas!)

4. Getting mentally prepared to cover myself in blue paint and get some free Blue Baker for dinner! Looking forward to tonight’s homegroup hangout.

Racism can wait until tomorrow.


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