Reflecting back: 1-year anniversary of interviewing at A&M

This week marks the one year anniversary of my SAAHE interview conference (when I came and interviewed for grad school).

It’s weird to think back to a year ago and the emotions I was facing. I was so nervous and unsure. I wanted to get into A&M so badly.

The interview conference was stressful and intimidating, though also fun. I thought I was hot student-affairs-stuff when I came to the conference, but it turned out so was everyone else. I left the interview feeling good but also nervous.

And then there was the whole plane fiasco on the way home, which perfectly embodies Texas Monthly’s over story for March:

I luv Southwest!

And then there was the day I found out what I would be doing for the next two years. The day it snowed. The opening day of True/False 2011. The day Amanda Craven watched me jump around my basement apartment with excitement. The day Kelli told me, “You impressed the pants off of us,” and “We were able to match your #1 choice with New Student Programs, and you were their #1 choice.” The day I told Kelli, “I accept! Yes, right now!” Best day.

My "life deciding party" after accepting my offer to A&M

And now we’re here, a year later. I’m nearly 3/8 done with grad school. I’m working in what I considered at the time to be my “dream assistantship” (it has been pretty great…). I’m hosting two of my own SAAHE candidates. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in their shoes.  It makes me wonder where I’ll be in a year! (Job searching, most likely. Yikes!)

PS: Fun side fact! When I interviewed at A&M, we took a campus tour lead by a student named Gabe. He is now one of the primary students I advise! Yay!


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