Milan Monday (on Tuesday): The Introduction

Did you know I’m going to Italy for a mission trip to teach English May 13-27?

Now you know!

I am planning on starting a weekly post on Mondays to update my friends, family and support team on our team’s preparation for Italy, continuing through our actual trip. Yesterday was supposed to be the first post, but I had some technical difficulties trying to embed my support letter PDF into the blog. But, ta-da! Now it’s done!  It explains what I’ve been up to over the past nine months and what our team from Fellowship Church will be doing in Milan at il Rifugio. See below:

I will also soon be adding a “page” to the top of this blog for more direct access to Italy updates.

How you can get involved:

  • Finances: Contact me if you are interested in giving financially! Every bit helps. If I were to send out letters to all the people I brainstormed to ask, it would only take $10-$15 per person to raise what I need to go.
  • Prayer: I will have weekly prayer updates here on the blog. Please join me in prepping our team and the people we will meet in Milan through intercessory prayer.
  • Subscribe: To receive weekly updates on prayer requests and other info, you can subscribe to my blog! This will send you email updates every time I post. I’m not sure if that link works, so try it out and let me know if it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, you can hit the subscribe button on the right sidebar.

Prayer Requests & Updates:

  • Pray for our team as they raise support to go on our trip
  • Pray for team unity and bonding as the 11 of us get to know one another
  • Pray for team member Megan, whose younger sister has been in the hospital with kidney problems this week and last

Support Progress:

  • $25 out of $2550 (0.98%)
  • One family has joined my finances team!
  • Two families have joined my prayer team!

Until next week, ciao!
(It will be on a Monday for real next time!)


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