He is good

Dude. God is so, so good. I just feel like he’s answered every single one of my prayers over the past 11 weeks. Like every. single. one. Some of them He’s answered in a way I expected Him to, but in many cases, God has totally blown all my expectations out of the water in the best way possible. It just reminded me of a little lesson snippet I learned back at Colorado LT 2010: “God fulfills His scripture (promises); He just may not fulfill your script.” I look back through my journal and read the prayers I wrote out this semester and just laugh. God is so faithful in the funniest ways! I’m pumped to go back and see all of the ways God has answered me this semester.

Pretty sure this sums up the mass roommate joy fest we just had here in the Den tonight.

You are good
You always have been
You are good
You always have been
How I love your sanctuary
You are beautiful

Lifting my burdens
Carry me home
Let me hear gladness
Don’t leave me alone

I make room in my heart, God


6 thoughts on “He is good

  1. Amen to this! And I love that song. 🙂

    This is Ashley, from A&M…I am a guilty facebook stalker. I saw you had a blog and was like “ooh! I like blogs”. So…I checked it out. 🙂

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