Stop the bus

This might sound weird, but lately, God has been romancing me with the bus.

You see, commuting is one of my least favorite things ever. After living on campus for four years at Mizzou, driving to and from campus is really hard for me. Especially driving home. The traffic between 4-6 p.m. in College Station is heavy, and I can’t handle it. All I want to do after class and work is go home as quickly as possible.

So twice a week, usually, I take the bus as a way to save gas and also possibly to avoid road rage behind the wheel of a large SUV. And I’m not sure when it started, but I’ve just starting noticing some cool things about the bus…

I don't know when the next bus is, but God knows!

The thing is, I never have to wait for a bus, and there is always a seat for me. This might not be that weird if I regularly checked the bus schedule or got on the bus at the first stop, but I don’t. I never check the schedule, and going to campus, my stop is the third-to-last stop on the route. The buses come every 5-7 minutes, so it’s never a terribly long wait, but I’m serious: I never wait. Ever. Not even on game day. And the buses are pretty popular, so a lot of the time during peak commuting hours it’s standing room only on those things. But I don’t remember the last time I had to stand on the bus. I think it might have been during the first week of school.

I really think these convenient coincidences are one of the many ways God chooses to bless and romance me! I think God really enjoys giving us small gifts throughout the day because he loves us. For me a lot of the time, that’s a cool morning or waking up naturally on time or even hitting all the green lights on the way home when I drive to campus. Here’s a story to prove my point, I think:

This morning I was running a few minutes late for work. As I locked up my apartment, I thought to myself, “I wonder if God will hold the bus for me. I usually come out 3-5 minutes earlier than this, so I might have missed it. Oh well. They come every 5-7 minutes, so I probably won’t have to wait for long.”

I walked into the parking lot of my apartment complex and saw the #22 bus pulling away from my stop. “Shoot. Missed it. Oh, well!” I started walking towards the bus stop when, less than 30 seconds later, another #22 bus pulls up. Now you have to understand, this doesn’t happen. The buses are never that close together. They’re always at least 5 minutes apart. I got on the bus and I was the only passenger. No one else was on that bus! And I had never seen a bus like this one before. It was an older model with pull string to signal stops and a weird seat configuration. We didn’t even stop at the next stop because there wasn’t anyone waiting, so we pulled to the next stop behind the first #22 bus. That’s how close we were — mere seconds behind the first one. That never happens! Two people got on at that last stop, and then we drove to campus. Just me and two random other dudes. That bus was practically a private ride to school for me. Once we got to school, the bus actually dropped me off in a different spot than it normally does. Although my bus had been flashing the #22 route number, it dropped us off at the #1 route stop. And then it starting flashing “Out of Service.”

Y’all, I’m serious. God sent that bus just for me. I really can’t explain it otherwise, and I just felt the need to share.


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