The tangled web I weave

The idea of connection is a huge theme in my life. In my mind, everything in my life is connected. My life is a continuous chain of events, each part connected to the next. I am unable to see parts of my life without the context of what brought me to a specific point and what that specific point did to alter my life. For example:

  1. My family is weirdly close to my dentist. This is partly because there are six people in my family who go to the same dentist, but also partly because my dentist is also my orthodontist, and after putting three kids through braces, we were at the dentist office a lot. Also my dentist’s receptionist is his wife, so we know her well, too. In short, my dentist is a family friend.
  2. The summer after my freshman year of college, I needed a place to live in Columbia. I ended up rooming with my dentist’s daughter because, “coincidentally,” (I don’t really believe in coincidences anymore) she was also at Mizzou, 700 miles away from home.
  3. While I lived with Dentist’s Daughter, I met a lot of her friends from Sigma Phi Lambda, the Christian sorority at Mizzou. They convinced me to join in the fall.
  4. Once I joined Phi Lamb, I came across the problem of conflicting sorority meetings and church small group meetings. Because of this and a few other reasons, I decided to find a different campus ministry for the last half of my time at Mizzou.
  5. Enter my friend John, who invited to me to The Rock.
  6. After 6 months with The Rock, I decided to go to Colorado LT during the summer of 2010.
  7. At LT I met all my Aggie friends and fell in love with A&M.
  8. I applied and got into A&M.
  9. I moved to College Station and will start class here in just more than a week.

So the moral of the story is I’m at Texas A&M because my family is freakishly close to my dentist.

I realize this is a somewhat weird way to look at life, but I just can’t help it. That’s how it makes sense in my head. So much so that one of my top five StrengthsQuest strengths is Connectedness. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

And God has been faithful to show me just how connected my life is recently.

Exhibit A: LT
LT 2011 was possibly one of the biggest webs of connections for me ever. Although I wasn’t there, the majority of my Mizzou canvas group was. And so was my sister. And our friend from high school. Plus random acquaintances from A&M. And returners from LT 2010. And they all mixed and met and connected. My Mizzou friend Michelle led a project group with my A&M/LT 2010 friend Brett. My Mizzou friend Sam befriended the daughter of my new A&M pastor. And then there’s the life group of Ethan, Jason and Cody.

I went to high school with Ethan, I went to Mizzou with Jason, and now I go to school with Cody, though I don’t know him hardly at all. All these people from various places in my life meshed together and met one another. They connected.

Exhibit B: East Asia
One of my roommates here in College Station just recently got back from a mission trip to East Asia with a group from our church. As she was talking about the trip, she mentioned the name of the missionary they worked with there. When she said his name, I instantly recognized it, though I wasn’t sure if it was the same person I was thinking about

“Wait… was he from Texas?”
“Yeah, he was from the Dallas area.”
“I think he was my friends’ youth minister.”
“Uhhhh… what?!”

I texted a few friends from high school and discovered that yes, it was in fact their youth minister. In summary, my roommates from grad school spent four weeks in East Asia with my friends from high school’s ex-youth minister.
Yeah. In the words of my friend Allen, “And people say there isn’t a God.”

Exhibit C: My Ship
If you’ve followed my blog, you know about my blog friend Kate. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this.) The story of how we “met” is a weird connection in itself. But today, I got a phone call from my friend Katie at Mizzou.

“You’ll never guess who we just met.”
“Uhhhh… yeah, you’re right. Who did you meet?”

Kate met my Mizzou friends at Which Wich. In line. Just chatting. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT, PEOPLE?! So now my blog friend has met my Mizzou friends and my pastor.

Text from Ed: “Just met Kate at the [outreach] table. She’s a J-School grad student. She said you guys connected after she stalked your blog.”

Yes, Ed, we did connect. And now she’s connected with my Mizzou family!

I feel like God is using me as some sort of weird connector, a strange link between unrelated people. This has happened in the past, too. I’ve introduced a couple of roommates to each other and things like that. I’m not sure exactly what good it does, or why it keeps happening, but for some reason, it makes me very happy to have my worlds constantly colliding.


One thought on “The tangled web I weave

  1. This makes me so happy. Seriously, though, the moment that I realized they knew you and they realized you knew me was pretty mind-blowing.

    Have you read The Tipping Point? I wouldn’t exactly recommend it, but one interesting thing that the author discusses is the idea of connectors, people who know an unusually high number of people and then link those people up and end up having tremendous impact as a result. After I met those girls, I left thinking about how you must be one of the connectors he talks about.

    So awesome that God is showing you the connectedness of your life! I can’t help thinking that God must get all excited right before crazy things like this happen!

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