Everyone wants to be one of us

It has come to my attention that every summer, a fever runs rampant in Estes Park, Colorado, and that fever is…


At first, I thought I was the only one who found that group of obnoxiously loud and spirited people attractive. I wanted to be one of them. But I attributed it to my Texas roots calling me home.

BUT THEN I started getting reports from my friends at LT this summer about their desires to be Aggies, or at least participate in ridiculous Aggie yells, wildcats and horse laughter.

“I decided I’m really jealous of Aggie things. Hissing is so awesome. I don’t know what it’s actually called.” —Mariah Hibbard (actual Facebook chat message, verbatim)

“It’s so annoying when they’re all like, ‘AAAA WHOOP!’ But I secretly want to do it with them!” —Blair Cochrum (paraphrased phone conversation)

“The Aggies are awesome!” —multiple people through various means of communication

So, HA! It wasn’t just me. There’s just something that makes those silly Aggies cool up in the Rockies. Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen, or maybe they really are just that awesome, but people go to LT and fall in love with the Twelfth Man.

I also know this to be true because I am, to my knowledge, at least the third or fourth person to move to College Station after attending LT.

That being said, I’m down with that fever running rampant. Because that means more people will move here, or at least visit, and I will get to meet/see them. So gig ’em, Aggie Fever!


2 thoughts on “Everyone wants to be one of us

  1. as much as i like the people of A & M…it’s never really made me want to be one at all while i was down there. i do approve of their fans being more classy and excited then us, but the yelling mainly just annoyed me.

    the OSU cheering on the other hand….beautiful

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