Play clothes

So all during the time while I was growing up, my family would go to church every Sunday. We wore our Sunday best, which wasn’t super fancy, but usually included a skirt and blouse for my sister and I and a polo and khakis for my brothers.

Every Sunday when we got home for lunch, my dad would remind us to go change into our “play clothes,” which essentially meant  changing out of our “nicer” Sunday clothes into our everyday clothes. The term “play clothes” has been a part of my vocabulary ever since then.

(Is that what everyone calls them? Or was that a just-our-family thing? I never know with family vernacular. For instance, my parents call loud church music “whangy-bangy” music, but I know that’s just our family. I can’t tell with other terms, though.)

Anyway, I now work at a semi-professional job that requires me to wear a maroon or white polo and khaki or black shorts almost every day. I only have three polos and a few pairs of shorts, so I am very conscious about keeping them clean since I have to wear them more than once between washings. This has led to me changing clothes as soon as I get home from work in order to decrease the chance that I spill something on my work clothes.

But every time I change out of said polo and shorts, I just think of my dad telling me to change into my play clothes. And I feel silly because I’m 22, and I’m obviously not going on a play date or going to run around a playground or anything in my “play clothes.” Usually I just change into a T-shirt and jorts (because they are forbidden at work).

But yeah, that’s just something that’s made me chuckle to myself over the past few weeks, and I wanted to share somewhere.

Does anyone else use the term “play clothes”?


8 thoughts on “Play clothes

  1. This probably isn’t helpful since we are from the same family roots, but we totally called them play clothes too. My mom used to get SO frustrated with me when I didn’t want to change out of my clothes when I got home from school. In high school. But now I do change clothes into “play clothes” almost immediately upon getting home!

  2. See, this didn’t apply to school clothes, even when I went to Shack and had to wear uniforms. I wore those navy pants and red polos until I went to bed that night, which apparently no one else did haha

  3. I guess we called them play clothes, too-but we had “school clothes” too-not really any notch above “play clothes” but basically play clothes without without rips/stains, etc. lol-funny-I had hoped it wasn’t just my fam. that said that 🙂

  4. We didn’t go to church when I was little, and I only went to public school, so I never really had more than “dressy clothes” and regular ones. I do rewear parts of my work/church clothes now, though, so I can identify with immediate changing. My Hello Kitty pants are just so much more comfortable than work pants.

  5. We had play clothes too. Sometimes school clothes and play clothes were interchangeable. But definitely not church clothes. I don’t call my non-work clothes “play clothes” (though I guess I could) I call them “real clothes.” Because I still don’t consider work part of my “real life.”

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