So I finally picked a home group…

So ever since I decided I wanted to go to A&M, I wondered how I would ever pick a home group to join at Fellowship Church. Everyone I met last summer at LT from A&M was in a different group! Connect, Ebenezers of the Essential Earth, Smackdown, Sons of Thunder, Tatonka… (Yes, the home groups at A&M have weird names.)

So basically I prayed about it for ten months. The first seven months it was an “So, God, if I get into A&M, any preference on which home group to join?” But then I got in to A&M, and the decision became more of a reality. And then I found out I’d have to be here this summer, and decision that was going to be put off until August suddenly drew closer.

So, after much thought and prayer, with home group kick-off this week, I made my decision. Drum roll, please…


(or whatever they change their name to once they finally change it)

There are many reasons Smackdown won out in the end, but the big reasons are as follows:

  • I have met a lot, if not most, of the people in Smackdown, and have hung out with several of them on more than one occasion.
  • I really like everyone in Smackdown that I have met.
  • I feel like I fit into their nerdy group.
  • Two of my future roommates are in Smackdown.
  • I feel that I will be able to use my gifts and talents to serve in a few areas in Smackdown.
  • They need more girls, and I am good at praying for more girls. (See: Mark Twain last year.) Plus I myself am a girl.

I’m pretty dang excited to start hanging out with these people. Actually, I pretty much have been hanging out with these people for the past week and a half, so I am excited to continue to hang out with these people!

Summer home groups are a little different because Smackdown will be combined with two other home groups for the summer since fewer people are here. I’m looking forward to combining and meeting other people from other home groups in my new church this summer! PTL for a new community!

(But no one can ever fill your shoes, Mark Twain Canvas Group. Don’t you worry, Twain family. I love and miss, miss, miss you all!)


2 thoughts on “So I finally picked a home group…

  1. Glad you finally picked a homegroup, don’t worry, we the members of the Smackdown roster will make you feel right at home, though Texas probably isn’t your definition of home after you considered Mizzou home for so long but regardless I’m happy you finally made a decision. I’ll be praying for you and everybody in the Summer homegroup and we shall meet again in August!

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