Weird quirk #1

I sleep to TV shows.

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon or on a weekday after I finally get out of class/work is take a nap to a TV show. “To a TV show?” Yes.

I really love napping to the sounds of a familiar TV episode. Almost any time I decide I want to take a nap, I’ll pull up an old episode of The Office on Netflix or pop in a Gilmore Girls DVD and instantly drift into the perfect nap sleep. Something about the familiar voices of the characters I love just puts me in the perfect nap state.

That being said, I don’t like to fall asleep, like for the entire night, to TV shows. I usually end up waking up once the background noise stops, so napping to The Office or Gilmore Girls is the perfect way to take a 20- or 45-minute nap.

Am I the only one who does this?


8 thoughts on “Weird quirk #1

  1. girl, i do that all the time. i still love my sunday naps to something on tv. and i used to have a sleep timer on my tv that i lived by!

  2. I napped to Torchwood today! And we usually go to sleep at night to familiar episodes of The Office or Futurama.

    • I love Torchwood!

      If I can’t sleep (especially when I’m sick), I’ll go to the couch and put on either a TV show or a movie I’ve seen a lot. I agree that the familiar voices and music are soothing and put me to sleep.

      Top movies and shows for helping me sleep: Pirates of the Caribbean, Fellowship of the Ring, Bones, Friends, Buffy, Doctor Who.

      I also listen to Harry Potter audio books for the same purpose – Stephen Fry has a great voice to fall asleep to.

  3. Your grandfather and uncle (on the Cochrum side I might add) do this too! I guess you really are a Cochrum….

  4. I guess I was trying to make more of the point that I don’t just fall asleep while watching TV; I know a lot of people do that. I purposely turn on the TV so that I will sleep. Like, “I want to nap. I will turn on The Office because I know that will put me to sleep, and then I will wake up in a timely manner.”

    I guess it’s kind of the same thing?

  5. I personally love sleeping to the sound of football on Sunday afternoon. Somehow the nap is just better with the sounds of football in the background.

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