My last piece of journalism… ever?

Hi friends. Sorry I’ve been seriously amiss in blogging lately. Spring break and a week of hellish school work have kept me away, and I’m only here now for a brief shameless plug.

My time at Mizzou and the journalism school grows shorter. Only…

  • 33 days until I’m done with exams
  • 36 days until graduation
  • 47 days until I move to College Station.

That being said, my days of journalism are also drawing to a close. While I hope to use my journalism degree in my future career as a student affairs professional, I don’t necessarily foresee myself publishing many more stories. But I could be wrong; who knows?

Anyway, the point of this is that I wrote a story for Vox Magazine last semester that didn’t quite make it in to be considered timely. It was about slacklining, and by the time I finished the story, it was winter and too cold to slackline or have people read about slacklining. (Man this sounds awesome! I want to do this! I can’t wait to stand outside barefoot in the below-freezing temps during one of the five snow storms we’ll encounter in the next few months!)

Fast forward 5-6 months, and it finally went online a few days ago. It’s weird to think this might be my last ever piece of journalism, but I’m pretty happy with the story.


And now I shall return to my 6-to-8-page poli sci paper on FDR, my 3-to-4 page paper on journalism and consumerism and my 2-to-3-page paper on art of some sort. Kill me now. Or just pray for me.


2 thoughts on “My last piece of journalism… ever?

  1. The hipsters at my school do this, too!
    I’d never known what it was called, but now I do, thanks to your article!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Way to go out with a bang.

    p.s. Good luck on your papers. Blah.

  2. I agree; that is a good article. I’m pretty sure I saw people doing this back when I was in college, and I had no idea what it was, but that happened around campus often enough that I didn’t think much of it. 🙂

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