So what is student affairs?

Some of you still may be completely lost as to what I am going to graduate school for (Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education). For those of you who fall into this category, I have created a tab for you on the top of the page explaining the basic gist of what my future career options are. Hope that helps!

I have also updated the other tabs to reflect my recent acceptance to Texas A&M. Whoop!

In other news, today is my 22nd birthday. I feel old, almost like a real adult, but I have a lot of amazing friends who have made this day pretty great so far!


3 thoughts on “So what is student affairs?

  1. One of my best college friends is going to Baylor next year to study student affairs. (Can’t remember if I told you that already.)

    I wish Baylor and A&M were a little closer! (Is it weird that I Googled it?) You and he would totally be friends! If Texas ever has any student affairs conferences or anything, I hope you guys meet.

    • You didn’t tell me that, but that’s really random and cool! I almost applied to Baylor. But seriously, the industry is so tiny, we probably will meet some day. I’ve already had so many “its a small world” moments just from interviewing at A&M.

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