Two ships

This story might be kind of weird/creepy, but I actually think it’s really cool. Just keep an open mind, okay?

Several weeks ago, I posted my talk from PWC about how I wanted to go to A&M and how I needed to trust God in that part of my life. About a month ago, a girl I didn’t know named Kate commented on the post:

I found this blog after Googling “Mizzou grad school blogs,” and it’s amazing how much it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I’ve been freaking out for like a month about whether or not I’ll get into Mizzou’s graduate journalism program, and I keep Twitter-, Facebook-, and Google-searching to see if I can find any other applicants online! I just need to trust God with all of it!

P.S. We have so much in common.
21 and still haven’t dated? Check.
Best friend getting married? Check.
Want to be a stay-at-home mom? Check.
Love for Jon Foreman? Check. Check. Check. (I held his hand once!)

I really hope everything works out with you and Texas A&M!

I definitely identified with Googling A&M things, and I was pretty touched that my blog could affect a random stranger, so I clicked on her name and checked out her blog. I skimmed it for a while and agreed that we did have a lot in common. I thanked her for her comment and subscribed to her blog, just because I like to read random people’s blog sometimes. We would randomly comment back and forth on entries, and eventually we started following each other on Twitter.

Two weeks ago, I found out I got into A&M, which was a huge relief for me. Kate, on the other hand, was still waiting, and I found myself asking my Mizzou friends who were also applying to the J-School’s master’s program if they had heard. I wanted Kate to get in because I knew how much she wanted it! (As badly as I wanted A&M!)

Friday afternoon, I logged onto Facebook and saw that my friend Kathryn had gotten in to the master’s program at Mizzou. I immediately frantically checked Twitter and Kate’s blog to see if she had posted anything. Nothing. I texted my friend Theresa who had also applied. She was in, too! Both of them had applied as 4+1 candidates, which means they’ll only be in school for a year, as opposed to two, since they did their undergrad here. I thought maybe only 4+1 students found out that day. I finally just tweeted at Kate and asked if she had heard anything. She hadn’t, but was going to try to enjoy her spring break anyway.

Later that night, I checked my phone and saw she had tweeted at me:

I was so weirdly happy for this complete stranger. I felt kind of creepy, but it was so cool that God delivered on our prayers with big YES’s!

It’s so funny that Kate will be here at Mizzou in the fall, just after I leave. As I told some girls from my canvas group, it’s like two ships passing in the night…
They made fun of me for that line, but I think it’s applicable. We’ll probably never actually meet in person, but we’ll have walked the same J-School halls by this time next year.

Like I said, it’s weird, but cool.
And that’s all I have to say about that.
(Sam Johnson, that line was for you. Consider this my blog “about you.”)


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