“The easiest transition you’ll ever make!”

As I mentioned last week, I have officially been accepted to A&M’s SAAHE program! I have a lot to say, but I don’t want to take forever to type it out and bore you all, so I will be using the bullet point method on this blog post.

My canvas group celebrating my "life decision" to go to A&M! Whoop!

Maroon and white cake at my Life Deciding party!

I will officially not be going to LT this summer due to grad school obligations at A&M. I am very sad about this for a few reasons. Firstly, I was looking forward to spending my summer with my sister and Twainers. Secondly, it is so freaking perfect, weather-wise, in Colorado. Thirdly, I was looking forward to some intense growth in the Lord out there. This all becomes okay because the main reason I wanted to go to LT was to transition into the church at A&M. Luckily, I can do that just as well, if not better, in College Station this summer! Plus I can listen to LT talks online. And as I tweeted earlier this evening, I know I will get the full play-by-play at least through Twitter thanks to some tweet-obsessed Twainers… (you know who you are!)

Instead of LT, I will be moving to College Station about a week after graduation to start my job in the Office of New Student Programs. I am becoming beyond excited about this. The internship was my #1 choice, and as more and more details begin to work themselves out, the more excited I get. For example, I just found out today I’ll be working 30 hours a week for $10 an hour, which, for one, is way more than I’d make at the Y, and, for two, means that I will have a lot of free time to hang out and get adjusted to College Station, A&M and my new church. It also means good chances to make quick trips home to see my family if I need to. Also the people I will be working with seem pretty fantastic, and I can’t wait to get to know them better.

• I will do a lot of random things at my job. And my job this summer will be different than the one I do in the fall. This summer, as near as I can tell, I’ll just be working on random “special projects.” In the fall is when I’ll start my duties with First Year Photo Project.

Basically all the people I’m close to at A&M will be there for at least some of the summer! Mark and Macie will be there with their new baby. My new roomies for the fall Jenna, Jennifer and Kelsey will be there. My friend Barclay will be there until he goes to Nigeria for a month. I couldn’t have asked for an easier way to transition into the community there! Although I probably could have gotten myself plugged into the church fairly easily on my own, having my friends there to tag along with will be really great.

Speaking of new roomies, I’m going to live with four great girls this fall. IT’S GONNA BE LEGIT.

• I have quite the collection of A&M paraphernalia going on. My mom sent me pajama pants, stationery and a toothbrush.* My friend Thomas got me a key chain. This is also on top of the T-shirt I bought myself at Thanksgiving and the swag bag I got at interviews. Lucy has officially been stickered with the A&M logo, and I’m pretty sure my friends at Mizzou are seriously sick of hearing my Aggie War Hymn ringtone. Part of me goes all out just to push their buttons and make them yell “YOU STILL GO TO MIZZOU!” but a lot of it is just because I am so freaking excited.

It’s killing me not knowing who else is in my cohort! I’ve found three guys via Twitter thanks to the #SAAHE hashtag, plus another guy from an email from my boss. I think I found another girl on Facebook, but I’m not 100% sure yet. So far that’s four boys and two girls. Where my ladies at?!

• I have only-somewhat-jokingly decided I’m going to “College Station LT.” As I mentioned up there, I was looking forward to some intense growth with the Lord this summer, but I’m excited to do that in Texas. I know it won’t be the same at all, but in some ways it will be similar: working, no school, new people, Christian community! I’m getting pumped for it.

I sure there are a million other things I could say, but it’s just so much I can’t even process all of it yet! It still hasn’t hit me that I am graduating two months from yesterday. Holy cow. Life is going by so quickly.

All I know is that God has blessed me by seemingly making this transition from Mizzou to A&M as smooth as possible. What a blessing!

Leave me comments if you have any questions about this summer, A&M and anything else I might have forgotten to mention!

*The toothbrush thing is a bit of a joke because the last three times I went to College Station, I got there without a toothbrush. Over Thanksgiving, I left all my toiletries in Arlington. Over Christmas break, I left just my toothbrush in Arlington. For my interviews, my luggage didn’t make it on my flight, so once again, I was toothbrush-less for a night. Needless to say, I’ve decided I just need to leave one there, and I’ve gotten really good at brushing my teeth with my finger or wash cloths.


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