Documentary overload in the best way possible

In an attempt to absorb as much CoMO culture as I can before leaving in 75ish days, this year, for the first time ever, I purchased a simple pass for Columbia’s True/False Film Fest, which is going down this weekend.

If you aren’t from Columbia and don’t know what I’m talking about, this is a huge deal. The whole city gets excited for this event every year where 40+ documentaries are shown at venues around the city. Each film has a Q&A afterwards with the filmmakers, and many of the films shown here have gone on to win big awards, such as, well, Oscars. The films tell stories from across the globe and cover subjects as lighthearted as Elvis to as serious as dolphin slaughter.

My simple pass let me reserve tickets to ten films and allows me to go to as many more as I want with the “Q,” which is essentially like flying standby. Ten films filled up my weekend pretty quickly, but I’ve got my eye on four more I’d like to jump in on, if I can.

I’ll probably be documentaried out by Sunday night, but I’m making the most of my last 2.5 months here in one of the coolest college towns I know of!


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