Almost there!

Holy cow. In just a little more than 24 hours, I will be back in Texas. The journey I began more than a year ago is wrapping up! In two weeks, I should know where I’m going be for the next 2+ years. So crazy.

Tuesday evening I leave for College Station, where I’ll be interviewing for graduate school until Friday afternoon. Saturday I’ll take three flights to Detroit and a car ride to Bowling Green, Ohio, where I’ll interview at another grad school until Tuesday evening, when I’ll fly back to St. Louis. It’s a whirlwind week, but it’s been a long time coming.

This time last year, I wasn’t even 100% sure I was going to grad school. Just out of curiosity, I opened my journal to this time last year. Here’s some things I wrote:

  • Mission Statement: It is my goal and mission to develop freshmen into successful college students by encouraging them to discover who they are, build strong relationships with peers, grow into leaders, find their own faith and become responsible Christians and community members.
  • Short-Term Goals
    • Become a FIG SC
    • Research grad programs
    • Focus on God
    • Grow close to Him at LT
    • Grow closer to friends at the Rock
  • Continue to guide me in the right way for my future. It all seems so unclear and uncertain right now. Show me where I need to be after graduation.

It’s so exciting to see how God has helped me accomplish these goals and lead me in the direction of my future!


In the mean time, I’d like to ask for a few prayers.

  • Safe flights
    I will be on six plans throughout the next week. Pray they all are on time and don’t lose my luggage.
  • Good interviews
    I have somewhere between 10-20 interviews throughout the next week for various assistantships. Pray I am able to show off my best traits in a collected, non-anxious way.
  • Boldness
    Throughout the next week have the potential to meet 100+ people. Between current students in the programs I’m applying to, other applicants, faculty and strangers on planes, I want to talk to strangers and maybe even share the gospel. Please pray for courage, boldness and opportunity.

Thanks, y’all! I’ll keep you updated!

Song for the blog: “Almost There” from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog


3 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that PTL was a popular abbreviation in other parts of the country!

    I hope you have fun in Texas and that all your interviews go well!

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