Check out my friends!

You may or may not know that I read a plethora of blogs: some by friends, some about typography, some about design, some about crafts, some just about random things.

I also adore Google Reader. I discovered Google Reader several months ago, and it has made my blog-reading a glorious experience. Before, I had RSS feeds on my laptop’s browser window, but I couldn’t really read my blogs from other computers. With Google Reader, I can now access all the blogs I read and keep up-to-date with them from any computer. It’s magical, really.

But the point of this post isn’t necessarily to plug Google Reader (even though I just did). The point is that when I created this blog, I added links to all the blogs I read on my RSS feeds to the right hand site of this blog, but since I did the initial link-up and started using Google Reader, I haven’t added any of the blogs I have started reading since then.

Well tonight I went through my Google Reader and did just that! All my blog links are now updated, and you’ll find several awesome people who just started blogging  on the list. Take a quick gander over there! ——————————>

You shan’t be disappointed.


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