It’s a marshmallow world

This is one of my favorite “Christmas” songs, but it really has nothing to do with Christmas; It’s about winter and snow, and I think it’s quite fitting for today’s BLIZZARD.

As much as I want this snow to be fun, the song may be a little too chipper/silly for today’s serious snow. We’re expected to get more than 20 inches with a lot of danger on the roads and potential for water and power outages. It’s hard to tell from my basement windows, but apparently visibility is atrocious. And though I really enjoyed seeing the snow two weeks ago, after about a week of stuffing jeans into my boots and slipping through the back courtyard of my apartment building, I was a little tired of the white fluffy stuff.

But we’ll see how today goes. The weatherman promises it to be more than the last snow, which once again means more snow than I have ever seen in my life. Wish me luck and pray the power doesn’t go out!


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